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Good. but not that good.

In issue 3, we see nothing but action from the green lantern corps, this in my eyes is always a good thing, but in this case there is nothing of anything else, no romance, no tragedy and no cliffhanger. not much of anything else but action. The build up was well timed and easy to follow, some points in the story were absolute genius and unexpected, for example the return of krona and a surprise appearance of Abin Sur. i was intrigued by the vast number and variety of green lantern. It would have been nice to see and here more from the other character's, this comic like most Green Lantern Corps tend to evolve around Hal. The highlight of the issue would be the uniting of the dead Green Lantern, to overpower Nekron. The low point would have to be the Ending, i think the biggest climax and confrontation happen too close to the end therefor it seemed a tad rushed, All in all i think this comic is fantastic and action filled, it makes a good read, but lacks in variety.

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