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    “DEFEAT!” First appearance of Nekron. The Green Lanterns battle Krona’s army as Krona intends to revert the universe to its Primal Atom state and destroy Oa.

    The journey continues with the guardians story of defeat, they are rushed to the void that has been torn in the fabric of the cosmos, by the lord of the underworld, Nekron. when they reach the void, there powers are unable to heal the void, and out reaches the hand of Nekron, to kill the little band of Guardians. One of the Guardians evades to tell the anxiously awaiting Green Lantern Corps.

    The story continues with The Green Lantern Corps all mourning at a funeral. For the fallen ones who have demised at the hand of Krona.

    The Green Lantern Corps hear word of the fat approaching Krona and his unlimited of Dead Warriors who want to control the universe with the help of Nekron. Let the battle commence.

    The Lantern clash with the minions in near by space, the battle is a tough one. several members of the corps meet there end in the skirmish. The undead warriors prove very powerful and strong, they are out numbered.

    As the battle nears an end, The Lantern are forced to retreat to there home planet Oa.

    Krona soon arrives to unleash his fury. Krona defeats all the Corps who are on Oa, our last image is of a baron landscape, scattered with the bodies of The Green Lantern Corps.


    • Featuring concepts created by Marv Wolfman.
    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Superman in "Gold Mine Rescue".

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      A very interesting issue, and influential on what's goin' on in today's DCU. The Lantern's are routed by Krona, and it's down to Hal to save the day. This sorta lays the standard operating procedure that Nekron uses, being that he sends his agents into the DCU reality (universe) facilitate his arrival. Surprisingly (sarcasm sarcasm) the guardians are to blame for yet another massive major reality ending event or entity, and ol' Hal is there to bail them out to a certain extent. How much weight...

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