Tales of Suspense #97

    Tales of Suspense » Tales of Suspense #97 - The Coming of Whiplash / And So It Begins released by Marvel on January 1968.

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    The Maggia have returned to destroy Iron Man, but they've got a new weapon up their sleeve - the mysterious figure known only as Whiplash! Plus: Captain America receives a distress call from Wakanda, where he must go to aid the Black Panther!

    Iron Man Story- "The Coming of....Whiplash!"

    At the end of the previous issue, Jasper Sitwell was about to remove Iron Man's helmet in an attempt to save him, as he's just blacked out. Fortunately, Iron Man's helmet is booby-trapped against such things, and Jasper is unable to remove the helmet. Jasper then tries using a tiny explosive to blow the helmet off, but is still unsuccessful.

    Meanwhile, on a gambling ship secretly owned by the Maggia, Tony's cousin Morgan Stark is taken to see the head of the Maggia, Big M. As he's being taken, he hears a sharp cracking noise, and wonders what it is. Big M tells Morgan that it's Whiplash practising, and that he'll kill Morgan, since Morgan has money debts he owes the Maggia. Luckily, before this can happen, a TV report of Iron Man being knocked unconscious is broadcasted, and Morgan convinces the Maggia that if he can get them Iron Man to finish off, they'll cancel his debt.

    Morgan then gets taken to Stark Industries, where he convinces the guards that Tony sent him to get Iron Man to him. He drags Iron Man to his car and then drives off. Whilst in the car, Iron Man regains consciousness, but is still low on power, so connects his chestplate to the cigarette lighter to recharge slightly. Iron Man is then taken to the Maggia and the Big M. He takes out all of the Maggia's goons, before the Big M activates a trap which separates him from the rest of the group. A dark shadow then approaches, announcing himself as Whiplash....

    Captain America Story- "And So It Begins....!"

    At the start of this issue, Captain America receives a call telling him to come to a certain rooftop. However, when he gets there he finds out it's a trap, and is attacked by two men. He manages to knock them both out, but thinks about how he'll never be able to let his guard down as long as he's Captain America.

    Meanwhile, in Wakanda, the Black Panther visits an outpost, only to find that the men guarding it have been wiped out. He can still vaguely smell the people who were there, and so follows the scent to the men, before knocking them out. Back in America, Captain America visits the doctor for a check up, and is told that he's fine. However, the police tell him that the men who attacking him are part of the crime syndicate, and that he should leave the city for a while.

    Captain America's lover, SHIELD Agent 13, meanwhile disguises herself as a female spy called Irma Kruhl, before heading off on what she calls her most dangerous mission. Whilst this is happening, Cap hears something on the roof of his apartment, and finds it to be a strange aircraft. The Black Panther radios him through it, and tells him that he needs his help fending off an invasion. Cap agrees, and then leaves for Wakanda in the ship.



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