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A test run of a Stark Industries drill goes south when the Mole Man intervenes!

Iron Man Story -" the Earth's Core!"

At the start of this issue, Tony Stark is performing some test in his laboratory, and orders Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan out, warning them that if he makes a mistake he could blow the whole factory sky-high. Once they're gone, it's revealed that Tony is working on a device which can bore through earth better than anything that's been invented before, but which is powered by atomic energy, which is why he wants everyone out. For extra protection, he dons his Iron Man armour, then starts powering up the Earth-Borer.

Just as the Earth-Borer finishes charging, several houses and buildings nearby fall into the ground, disappearing mysteriously. The people who view this blame Tony Stark's new device, and so a group of thugs agree to sneak into Tony's factory and kidnap Tony, since people will then consider them heroes. However, all they find inside is Iron Man, who takes them out. As he does, Tony's factory starts to sink into the ground just like the other buildings. Iron Man steps out of the building, and finds the Mole Man, pointing a cannon at him. He says that since the Earth-Borer is his, he has no need for survivors, and so activates the cannon, causing a rockslide to collapse over Iron Man.

Captain America Story -"Wanted: Captain America!"

In the subway tunnels below New York, a man dressed in a Captain America costume who calls himself the Planner tests a wrist gun. It works excellently, cutting through several girders. He then tells a group of men that it's time to put his plan into action, as he has a plan to get Captain America's Shield. The Planner, disguised as Captain America, gets his men to rob a bank, which goes off well, before leaving. The real Captain America later views this on television, confused as to who the Planner is. The Planner meanwhile reveals to his men that he wants Captain America's shield, as it has circuits in it designed by Iron Man which allow Captain America to control it. With Iron Man's technology and his wrist gun, he'll be able to rule the underworld.

As the Planner commits more crimes disguised as Captain America, Cap goes to the police in his civilian identity, who want to arrest him. He says that if the culprit isn't caught within two hours, he'll give himself up. After studying some maps of where the imposter struck, Cap manages to work out a rough estimate of where his base must be, and heads off to confront the Planner. When he arrives, he easily takes out the Planner's men, before confronting the Planner himself. Although the Planner is trickier then his thugs are, Cap still manages to take him out, and once he's captured, Captain America reveals to him that he took out all of the devices Iron Man put in his shield months ago.

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