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Tony Stark's greatest secret is at last revealed to the world! And Captain America must face the Super-Adaptoid, a robot that has absorbed all the Avengers' powers - alone!

Iron Man Story -"The Other Iron Man!"

Tony Stark is finally at Congress to tell them about the abilities of his Iron Man armour, after it's been put off for the last ten issues or so. As Tony starts to speak, he suddenly collapses as his chest plate starts malfunctioning. Although some members of Congress are sceptical and think that he's only pretending to be sick since he didn't want to testify for months, a doctor is found, and confirms that Tony's heart is injured. Tony is taken to hospital, which is reported over the radios, and heard by Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan. Being the only person to know who Iron Man is, Happy wonders whether he should say anything.

After a few days in hospital, Tony's chest plate has been recharged by the doctors, who suspected that it was to help his heart. Tony is well enough for the press to interview him, who ask whether Tony is Iron Man. Tony denies it, even though he was ready to admit it before Congress. He decides that he had the heart attack just as he was going to tell them of his dual identity due to fate not wanting him to reveal his identity. However, people are still speculating that Tony could be Iron Man.

A few days later, Iron Man is spotted by some teenagers, who mention that Tony Stark can't be Iron Man, since he's still in hospital. Iron Man then keeps flying around, albeit clumsily, and when he reaches Tony Stark's hospital, he takes off the armour to reveal himself as Happy Hogan, who put on the armour so that people wouldn't guess Tony's secret, and goes to return the armour to Tony. However, this meeting is viewed by the Mandarin from miles away, who doesn't hear what they're saying, and thinks that Happy is Iron Man. He then activates his teleporter and teleports Happy to his castle. Tony realises that the Mandarin must be behind Happy's disappearance, and that it's up to him to save him.

Captain America Story -"The Super-Adaptoid!"

Captain America leads the Avengers (Goliath, Wasp, and Hawkeye) to the captive Adaptoid, where it's tied up after being captured in the previous issue. However, unknown to the Avengers as they try and make sense of what it could be, the Adaptoid is secretly adapting their powers as they stand before him. A few hours later, when the Avengers are gone, Captain America is attacked by the Adaptoid, who now possesses the abilities of all the Avengers. He explains to Captain America that he is no longer a mere Adaptoid, that he is now a Super-Adaptoid, and will defeat Captain America.

With the massive advantage, the Super-Adaptoid manages to knock the wind out of Captain America, despite his best efforts to fight him. He then takes Captain America and flies high into the sky, planning to drop Captain America to his death. However, Cap manages to grab his wings, so that he can't fly, and the two fall to a bridge. Even there, the Super-Adaptoid has an advantage over Cap, and grabs him and throws him off the bridge. As Captain America strikes the water below, the Super-Adaptoid watches, and thinks that his life is over, since he's receiving no more orders from AIM. He then flies away looking for a place to hide, in case AIM try to destroy him now that he's served his purpose. Unknown to the Super-Adaptoid, Captain America manages to surface from the water, alive and well.


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