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While battling the Titanium Man in Washington D.C., Iron Man soon finds that Pepper Potts, the girl he loves, is caught in the Titanium Man's paralyzer ray.

Iron Man Story - "Victory!"

Although Titanium Man has Pepper Potts paralysed with a beam and threatens to kill her, Iron Man manages to save Pepper by telling her to duck, just as he throws an electrical cable which short-circuits the beam. He then starts punching Titanium Man, before Titanium Man shoots some power bolts at him. Iron Man realises that he needs a quicker way of defeating Titanium Man, and so equips a diamond-edged drill to his hand. Unfortunately, the armour is too tough for the drill, and Titanium Man tries attacking Iron Man.

Iron Man punches Titanium Man back, before going behind Titanium Man. At the back of his helmet, Iron Man finds the power circuits for Titanium Man's armour, and manages to deactivate it just as Titanium Man throws him off. To finish Titanium Man off for good, Iron Man punches him once last time, which creates a sonic boom. For some reason, this restores Happy's memory, which he lost after he was transformed back from being the Freak a few issues ago. Titanium Man then tries fleeing with his last remaining power, but upon reaching the ocean where his Russian masters are waiting to pick him up in a submarine, they refuse to, since he was shamefully defeated. Titanium Man is then stuck in the water, calling for his masters. Back in Washington, Iron Man changes to Tony Stark, and whilst Pepper Potts is happy to see him, Happy can only think about how with his memory back, he knows that Tony Stark is Iron Man.

Captain America Story - "Enter... The Tumbler!"

In the previous issue, Captain America was drugged by an android called the Adaptoid, and the Adaptoid then used his powers to make himself look like Captain America. At the start of this issue, a villain called the Tumbler has just burst into Avengers Mansion, challenging Captain America to a fight, not realising that it's the Adaptoid. The Tumbler then fights the Adaptoid, who despite some fighting skills, is less skilled than the Tumbler, and knocked to the ground. The Tumbler then picks up Captain America's shield, and remembers how he dreamt of this before becoming the Tumbler. He then briefly gives his origin, which basically involves him training himself in strength, speed, and agility after being rejected by a gang.

Whilst the Tumbler is doing this, the real Captain America wakes up, and frees himself from the ropes he's been tied with. The Tumbler has meanwhile defeated the Adaptoid upon the Adaptoid trying to fight the Tumbler once more, and throws his body into the cupboard where the real Captain America has just freed himself. Captain America then steps out, and easily manages to counter every one of the Tumbler's moves, as he's a much better fighter than the Adaptoid. After calling the police, who take the Tumbler away, Captain America and Jarvis tie up the Adaptoid, wondering who he could be (since they don't realise it's a robot). Meanwhile, the Adaptoid thinks that it has just thought up a foolproof plan for defeating Captain America.


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