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Tony Stark flies into Washington D.C. to present himself to the hearing in his Iron Man armor, however on the way he is attacked by the newly revived Titanium Man who was launched into Washington D.C. by the Soviets.

Iron Man Story -"By Force of Arms!"

In the previous issue, Iron Man was attacked by Titanium Man whilst flying to Washington. Although it seems as though Titanium Man has the upper hand as he grabs Iron Man and shoots lasers at him, Iron Man is able to escape by pressing his feet to Titanium Man's chest and activating his jet boots. By now a group of civilians have noticed the fight, amongst them Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan. Iron Man decides to try defeating Titanium Man by throwing a vial at him, which instantly causes the air around Titanium Man to freeze. Unfortunately, Titanium Man breaks out of the ice, and so Iron Man flees the scene, not wishing to endanger the spectators watching below.

Once Iron Man and Titanium Man are away from the civilians, Iron Man tries firing a repulsor ray at Titanium Man. Unfortunately, it merely bounces off Titanium Man's armour, and so Iron Man resorts to his in-built roller skates, which give him enough speed to avoid Titanium Man. Until, that is, Titanium Man fires a paralysis ray at Iron Man, causing him to freeze in the spot. By now, Pepper and Happy have reached Iron Man, and Iron Man yells at them to go away before they get hurt. Titanium Man successfully guesses that Iron Man cares for Pepper, and just as Iron Man manages to break free of the paralysis ray, Titanium Man uses the ray on Pepper, telling Iron Man not to do anything or she'll die.

Captain America Story -"The Maddening Mystery of the Inconceivable Adaptoid!"

At the start of this issue, Captain America is looking through a photo album of himself and Bucky, thinking about the old days. As he pours over his memories, Jarvis comes and brings him a cup of coffee, which Captain America drinks before heading off for a security check of Avengers Mansion. Captain America then hears a noise, and heads into a room to see Agent Axis, whom he thinks is dead. As he tries to fight him, Agent Axis disappears, leaving Captain America confused. After a brief moment, Captain America opens his eyes to see himself surrounded by his old enemies, and runs out of the room in fear.

However, in the room Captain America runs to, he finds himself in the middle of World War II again, with Bucky by his side. As he fights some Nazis, Avengers Mansion appears around Cap once more. Just as he works out that it's an illusion, Captain America collapses as Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch come up to him. In reality, it's Jarvis who comes up to him, and takes his unconscious body to a separate room. He mentions that he thought Cap would never be knocked out by the drugs in his coffee. He then checks on the real Jarvis, and reveals himself to be an artificial human called the Adaptoid. The Adaptoid then takes Captain America's form and his shield, and prepares for the plan which he was created for.


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