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Tony Stark has returned to the States after his big battle to discover that his factories have been closed, his accounts frozen, and a warrant out for his arrest.

Iron Man Story - "Disaster!"

Since Tony Stark was ordered to appear in Washington and give a speech on the abilities of Iron Man, and failed to do so due to a number of reasons (mostly involving him being Iron Man), his factory has been shut down and Tony is now a wanted man. Out on the streets, his heart starts to struggle, and Tony has to change into his armour to give it an extra boost. With no better idea, Iron Man decides to see Pepper Potts, for a briefing of what has happened whilst he was fighting the Mandarin and Ultimo. However, she's not at her house, and so Iron Man decides that he'll have to go to Washington and so give the speech on the abilities of Iron Man. Unfortunately, Iron Man has no way of getting to Washington.

Meanwhile, at the waterfront, Warlord Krang's ship rises from the water after a recent fight with Namor. Seeing Iron Man nearby, Krang decides that if he can defeat him, he can prove that he's strong and worthy of Dorma's love. He then fires a laser from his ship at Iron Man, drawing Iron Man's attention. Krang and Iron Man then shoot a few more lasers at each other, before Iron Man flies above Krang's ship, out of range of his lasers. Iron Man then fires a laser at the ship which is powerful enough to force it back under the water, before returning to his shut down factory to repair his armour as well as recharge. However, just as Iron Man reaches his factory and his transistors start running low on power, there's a crash and Namor enters the room.

Captain America Story - "The Red Skull Lives!"

Captain America is walking around the city when he suddenly notices some costumed assassins. He starts fighting them, and the fight is overheard by a police officer, who comes rushing over. Captain America tells the policeman that between the two of them, they should be able to stop the assassins, but the policeman asks him what he means by the assassins. As Cap persists in telling the officer what's happening, the officer insists that Captain America is the only person around in any sort of costume, and the civilians around them agree with the officer. The assassins by now have radioed their bosses, and told them of their success in their mission. The two men then go to tell their leader: the Red Skull!

The Red Skull is pleased that Captain America's doom is imminent, but thinks to himself about all the traps he's escaped from in the past. He then thinks back to the closing days of World War II, and how he and Captain America had been fighting in a hidden bunker, before a bomb caused the collapse of the bunker. Although it seemed as though he was killed, the Red Skull was saved by some support pillars which had crisscrossed above him, and an experimental gas placed him in suspended animation until he was found by Them, the scientific organisation mentioned last issue. Meanwhile, Captain America is visiting a psychiatrist, asking him whether he's going crazy or not. The psychiatrist starts questioning Captain America, but another of the assassins from before enters the room, and tries to kill Captain America. Captain America chases him off, but the psychiatrist insists that no one was there.

The next day, Captain America is walking around on the street, when he is approached by a man who asks for his autograph. Captain America readily agrees to, whilst an assassin watches from nearby, thinking about how he'll set his helmet to hypnotise Captain America as well as everyone on the street, so that no one sees him. He'll then kill someone, and everyone will think that Cap did it. However, as he approaches, Captain America attacks him, and the assassin complains about how the Red Skull claimed his plan couldn't fail. Cap then examines the man's helmet, and says about how he was able to jam the signals from it with a hidden circuit on his mask installed by SHIELD.

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