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While being arrested for the use of the Enervation Intensifier, Tony Stark is suddenly transported through time and space. But where will he end up?

Iron Man Story - "Here Lies Hidden...The Unspeakable Ultimo!"

Although in the previous issue it seemed as though the Enervation-Intensifier wouldn't cure Happy Hogan of being the Freak, in this issue it manages to change the Freak back to Happy just as he's about to destroy Iron Man, although he's knocked unconscious as a side effect. Iron Man then quickly changes out of his armour, as it was affected by the Enervation-Intensifier, but as he does he remembers that Happy worked out his secret identity during his recent fight with Titanium Man. He then wakes Happy up, deciding that whether Happy knows his identity or not, he can't just leave him there. Upon Happy waking up, he starts wondering where he is and who he is, and Tony deduces that Happy must have amnesia as a side effect of being the Freak.

Senator Byrd then comes in, and tells Tony that he has an order for him to come to Washington and to reveal the abilities of the Iron Man Armour. Since it's an official order, Tony can't refuse or he'll be taken to jail, and so goes with Byrd, leaving Pepper to care for Happy. As Byrd and Tony are driven off, there's a sudden flash of light, and the car is hit by a bolt of energy. The car then reappears after a moment, although without Tony Stark in it. Tony finds himself in the castle of the Mandarin, who has transported him to his castle since he couldn't find Iron Man. The Mandarin explains that he wants Iron Man there because he's about to take over the world using something called Ultimo, and wants Iron Man to witness it. The Mandarin then uses one of his rings to blast Tony Stark's briefcase out of his hands, as he's worried that it could contain an explosive. Unknown to him, the briefcase contains the Iron Man Armour, and it's now been knocked into the castle's moat, leaving Tony helpless. Mandarin then pulls a lever on a control panel, saying that he's activating Ultimo. A gigantic figure then begins to emerge from a volcano...

Captain America Story - "The Gladiator, the Girl, and the Glory!"

In the previous issue, the mercenary Batroc was hired by some mysterious men to steal a package known as Inferno 42, a deadly explosive, from a SHIELD agent. However, the SHIELD agent accidentally activated it as she escapes from Batroc, and after explaining that it will detonate within half an hour and destroy all of New York, Captain America teams up with Batroc to retrieve it. As Batroc and Captain America break into the secret SHIELD base where the agent is hiding, she activates a trap which tilts the floor. Although Captain America manages to save himself, Batroc disappears into the darkness. Cap then approaches the girl, who has passed out from the effects of the Inferno 42. As she mumbles that Captain America has to get the Inferno 42 out of the city, Batroc suddenly reappears, and demands the Inferno 42.

Batroc and Captain America then fight, with Batroc being the winner. He then grabs the cylinder of Inferno 42, and leaves to the mysterious group of men who hired him last issue. After giving them the cylinder and deactivating it, Batroc and the men argue over how much Batroc should get, before Captain America appears, and explains that he only pretended to be defeated so that he could follow Batroc to his employers. The men then order Batroc to defeat Captain America, and as the two fight, the men escape with the cylinder of Inferno 42. After some more fighting, Batroc decides to leave, not wanting to be in the city when the Inferno 42 destroys it.

Captain America then returns to the agent of SHIELD, who is sick from being close to active Inferno 42 for so long. However, she tells him that it was worth it, as they managed to replace the real Inferno 42 with the fake Inferno 42 from the previous issue, so that the mysterious men didn't get it. As Captain America watches the agent being taken away, he thinks to himself about how it seems as though he's found his lover from World War II only to lose her again.

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