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Welcome Back Carter

When diving into the old issues bins, there can tend to be a certain consistency among comics. For the silver age comics from Stan Lee, this consistency is one of relative quality. As opposed to the fantastical and often farcical stories of the golden age, silver age stories tend to have more continuity and are based in a firmer reality, and Lee has achieved that here, with an engaging enough story for both Iron Man and Captain America. That being said while this issue is entertaining, there is little to distinguish it from the other issues in the same time frame. The one thing that does distinguish it is the first appearance of both Baltroc and Sharon Carter, two characters that will feature into Captain America's stories for decades to come. From a historical standpoint this is therefore an interesting read and the story is worth it too. Too often first appearance stories which are based in the golden age or silver age are pretty weak, but here the story is good enough to match the new characters.

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