Tales of Suspense #75

    Tales of Suspense » Tales of Suspense #75 - The Fury of the Freak / 30 Minutes to Live released by Marvel on March 1, 1966.

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    When using the Enervation Intensifier device in order to heal Happy Hogan of his wounds, Iron Man accidentally transforms his friend and body guard into a horrible creature dubbed "The Freak".

    Iron Man Story


    "The Fury of... the Freak!"

    In the previous issue, Happy Hogan was transformed into a brutish monster called the Freak by one of Tony Stark's inventions by accident. Feeling like it's his responsibility to stop the Freak from rampaging, Iron Man confronts him in a power station. Unfortunately, Iron Man didn't manage to recharge his transistors enough, and has to defeat the Freak before his transistors run out of energy. After trying to stop him in hand-to-hand combat, Iron Man realises that he's can't defeat the Freak by punching him. He's about to use one of hs built in weapons to stop the Freak, when he realises that they'll kill him if he uses them. Iron Man then plans to lead the Freak to his lab, where he can hopefully reverse the effects of the Enervator and turn Happy back to normal.

    As Iron Man runs away from the Freak, to try and lead him to his lab, his transistors start to lose more and more energy until Iron Man doesn't have enough energy left to control the armour, and collapses. The Freak is about to kill Iron Man, when he hears Pepper Potts from afar. The Freak then heads after Pepper, since he vaguely remembers that he loves her as Happy Hogan. The Freak finds Pepper in Tony Stark's lab, talking to Senator Byrd, who wants Tony Stark to reveal the secrets of the Iron Man armour, otherwise he'll arrest him. The Freak manages to knock out Senator Byrd in his haste to get to Pepper, who then faints when she realises what the Freak wants.

    The Freak then picks up Pepper's body and heads to the window, where he's spotted by some of Senator Byrd's guards. They then shoot at the Freak, who drops Pepper as a result. Although it looks like she's going to fall to her death, Iron Man has recovered by now, and manages to save Pepper. Iron Man then quickly heads up to his lab, and starts to use the Enervation-Intensifier against the Freak in an attempt to turn him back to Happy Hogan. However, as he uses it, the feedback starts weakening Iron Man, and there's no sign of the Freak changing back to normal....

    Captain America Story

    -"30 Minutes to Live!"

    Although he managed to stop the Sleepers in the previous issue, Captain America was left falling from the sky, seemingly to his death. Whilst he is falling, a group of mysterious men are watching a scale model of New York City, which has a tiny parachute fall into it. One of the men says that the parachute contains Inferno 42, the most destructive element of all time. As the tiny parachute approaches the model, the whole thing catches on fire and burns away. The men then make plans to get some more Inferno 42, which has been stolen from them by an agent of SHIELD.

    Captain America manages to land in some water, and by using diving techniques manages to survive the impact. He's then found by some sailors from a nearby ship, who take him to their ship. A few days later, Captain America is back in New York, thinking about all the people from the past, before he was frozen. Feeling lonely, Captain America puts his costume on then puts street clothes on, and heads out to the street. Upon passing a girl holding some sort of cylinder, Steve Rogers thinks about how much she resembles a girl he once loved back in World War II. As he watches her, she bumps into a man with a similar cylinder to her, although in the confusion the two grab the wrong cylinders. Although Steve talks to the girl and tells her that her package was stolen, she insists that she has the correct one, and leaves.

    Meanwhile, the French mercenary known as Batroc watches the man who went away with the girl's package, and kicks him once to stop him. However, upon examining the man's cylinder, he finds out that it's a fake, and realises that the girl the man bumped into must have the real package, which contains Inferno 42. As Steve Rogers watches the girl walk off, he hears a gunshot, and realises that the girl is in danger. He then changes to Captain America, and finds her struggling with the package of Inferno 42 with Batroc. Batroc manages to get it just as Captain America arrives, and Cap quickly starts fighting Batroc. However, Batroc drops the package, and Captain America asks what's in it as the girl takes it and leaves. Batroc explains that it's Inferno 42, and that it's been activated, and that they have half an hour to stop the girl and deactivate it. Although Cap thinks it will be easy, Batroc explains that the girl who has the package is an agent of SHIELD.



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    Welcome Back Carter 0

    When diving into the old issues bins, there can tend to be a certain consistency among comics. For the silver age comics from Stan Lee, this consistency is one of relative quality. As opposed to the fantastical and often farcical stories of the golden age, silver age stories tend to have more continuity and are based in a firmer reality, and Lee has achieved that here, with an engaging enough story for both Iron Man and Captain America. That being said while this issue is entertaining, there...

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