Tales of Suspense #74

    Tales of Suspense » Tales of Suspense #74 - If This Guilt Be Mine / The Final Sleep released by Marvel on February 1, 1966.

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    When Iron Man is left for dead by the Black Knight, he calls upon Pepper Potts to come to his rescue.

    Iron Man Story

    -"If This Guilt Be Mine...!"

    In the previous issue, Iron Man managed to both stop the Black Knight and save Happy Hogan, who was kidnapped by the Black Knight, but at the cost of almost all his transistored energy. Should he run out completely, his chestplate will malfunction, and he'll die. Iron Man manages to assess that he has just enough energy for a radio call, and so he calls Pepper Potts. Pepper drives to the castle where Iron Man lies, thinking about how much more courageous Iron Man is than Tony Stark, and wonders how she could have ever thought she loved Tony. Pepper reaches the castle, and manages to drag Iron Man out to the car she's using, which belongs to Tony Stark.. Once inside, Iron Man is able to recharge enough using an emergency recharger inside the cigarette lighter.

    Pepper then takes Iron Man back to Tony Stark's factory, where he's able to get a full recharge. Iron Man asks Pepper whether Happy was taken to hospital or not, and Pepper confirms that he was. However, she says that they're being forced to use a device called an Enervator on Happy in order to save his life. Iron Man says that they mustn't use it, as it's untested and may have side effects. The phone then rings, and it turns out to be Senator Byrd on the line, telling Iron Man that he has to give up the secrets of his armour for the good of mankind, as he said he'd make Iron Man do in the previous issue. However, Iron Man replies that they'll have to talk later, and hangs up.

    Meanwhile, in the hospital where Happy Hogan is being treated with the Enervator, the doctors finish using the Enervator to help Happy. However, Happy's appearance starts changing from the device which is powered by cobalt, and the doctors realise that his readings are too high from what they should be. Happy then gets off the operating table, completely mindless, now being called the Freak by the doctors. As he leaves the room, Iron Man comes in to see his friend, and immediately realises that Happy is the Freak. In an attempt to stop Happy and get him cured, Iron Man tries punching him once, but the Freak hardly feels it, and punches Iron Man with super strength. He then leaves, with Iron Man following him, thinking that its his responsibility to stop Happy, whether he's his friend or not.

    Captain America Story

    -"The Final Sleep!"

    With two of the Red Skull's deadly Sleepers already activated, Captain America hurries to a NATO camp, looking for help before the third Sleeper can be activated. Whilst the first two Sleepers fly around destroying things, Captain America explains to a general that the Sleepers haven't just been made to fight the enemies of the Nazis, but also to wipe out the entire human race. The general then sends out some forces to try and combat the Sleepers, but they're next to helpless against the Sleepers.

    In a village nearby, the third of the Nazi agents goes to a statue to activate the third Sleeper, which he does by turning a letter on the statue's inscription. There's then an explosion, and the man is killed as the third Sleeper rises from the ground, shaped like a skull. It then manages to fly to the first and second Sleepers, where it connects to them. Watching this from a plane, Captain America then guesses that the third Sleeper might be a giant bomb, planned to kill off humanity. Although the army general is sceptical, Captain America explains that when all three Sleepers are connected, it can fly and has lasers, which enables it to travel quickly and stop any resistance. He then points out that it's been flying north since all three have connected, and that the destination of the Sleepers could be the North Pole. Once there, it could blast to the centre of the Earth and explode, which would create a series of chain explosions powerful enough to destroy Earth.

    The plane Captain America is in then flies over the Sleeper, and Captain America grabs a flamethrower before jumping out. He almost misses the Sleeper, but as he's falling, he manages to grab a wing of it, and climb on. He then manages to start the flamethrower up, and jumps off as it starts up. After a while, the heat sets off the explosives in the Sleeper, causing it to detonate harmlessly in the air, whilst Captain America falls through the air....



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