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Iron Man learns that Hogan has been kidnapped from the hospital, and he follows the clues to a secret castle.

Iron Man Story

- "My Life for Yours!"

At the start of this issue, Iron Man goes into the hospital where Happy Hogan has been kept since he helped saved his life during his fight with Titanium Man. However, when he reaches the room, he's told that Happy has mysteriously vanished, and that no one knows where he is. Iron Man has a look around to find a hoofprint on the windowsill, and correctly guesses that the Black Knight has captured Happy, so that he can use him as a hostage against Iron Man. He leaves the hospital, and after some more looking, finds a castle nearby where the Black Knight must be holding Happy hostage. Iron Man then makes his way through the castle incredibly easily, as the Black Knight is so confident of victory that he hasn't prepared any traps for Iron Man.

In the main section of the castle, Iron Man finally finds the Black Knight, but when he tries to punch him, he disappears. The same thing happens again, and Iron Man deduces that the Black Knight must be using some sort of hologram against him, so that he wastes his transistors' power. However, when another image appears and he fails to hit it, the Black Knight manages to shoot a laser blast from his lance which badly damages Iron Man's transistors. Iron Man is forced to turn them off to conserve power, but in doing so is rendered helpless. The Black Knight then grabs his body and takes it up into the air on his flying horse, ready to drop Iron Man to his death. However, when he drops Iron Man, Iron Man turns on his transistors again, and manages to pull the Black Knight off his saddle. Iron Man then falls in a river, and makes it to shore, but doesn't know what's happened to the Black Knight.

Meanwhile, Senator Byrd visits Pepper Potts, looking for Tony Stark. Although Pepper doesn't know where he is, Byrd says that he's planning on forcing Tony to tell the secrets of the Iron Man armour to the defence force, otherwise he'll be forced to go to jail. Whilst Pepper is told this, Iron Man manages to drag himself back to the Black Knight's castle as his transistors continually drain, where he finds Happy. He manages to call the police on his radio, and when they come, they find Happy and take him back to hospital, unaware that Iron Man is in need of recharging immediately.....

Captain America Story


"Where Walks the Sleeper!"

In the previous issue, a gigantic robot created by the Red Skull called the Sleeper was activated, twenty years after the end of the second World War. Captain America is anxious to stop it, as there are another two Sleepers which it's planning to join with. Since Captain America knows his shield is useless against something so big and powerful, he throws his shield at an overhanging rock, which falls and manages to bury the Sleeper. However, as Captain America approaches, the Sleeper easily clears the rubble, and keeps going on its mission to find the other Sleepers. Captain America decides that there's no point in just following it, as there's a NATO base nearby, which will have missiles and the like. He then grabs a nearby motorbike and leaves for the base.

Meanwhile, the second Nazi agent who is awakening the Sleepers has several men digging. After a few minutes of this, they find a metal knob, and under the instructions of the Nazi agent, hit it with their shovels. When they do so, there's a massive explosion which leaves a gigantic hole in the ground. From that, the second Sleeper emerges, this one shaped similarly to a manta ray, only flying. As he's travelling along a log which serves as a bridge, Captain America notices the explosion, and wonders whether the Sleeper can be awake so soon. The explosion causes the log to snap it two, and although Captain America almost falls down a chasm, he manages to reach out and save himself. Captain America then starts following the second Sleeper, and sees it when it connects the first Sleeper to its base via some sort of magnetism. As he watches this, Captain America wonders what the third Sleeper can be.

In a nearby village, one of the Red Skull's Nazi agent goes to a pawn shop, where he reclaims a small box which he put there years ago. He then heads to a statue, and prepares to awaken the third Sleeper.



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Story Arcs

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