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Returning to America following his battle against the Titanium Man, Iron Man begins to worry over the fate of his bodyguard Happy Hogan, who was critically injured in that battle.

Hoorah For The Conquering Hero!

After the previous issue,one of Tony's ex-girlfriends wants to know Iron Man's identity, so that she can have Tony at her beck and call. Contacting the Mad Thinker, she hires him to capture Iron Man so that she can find out his identity. The Mad Thinker sends out his android to capture Tony Stark, who manages to get his briefcase. Upon opening it, the Mad Thinker is tricked, as it contains tear gas. Tony uses the confusion to change to Iron Man, and manages to stop the Mad Thinker and his Android.

The Sleeper Shall Awake!

It's 1965, but Captain America is remembering 20 years ago, when he and the Red Skull fought for what seemed to be their final time. The Red Skull warned Captain America that 20 years from then, his three Sleepers would wake on "Der Tag" (German for "The Day"), and conquer the world. Back in the present, Captain America realises that Der Tag is today, and that's why he suddenly remembered the Skull. Opening a suitcase that he took from the Skull that day, Captain America finally realises what the piece of paper inside it means- it is the name of three Nazi agents who would waken the Sleepers at various locations. Over in Germany, a Nazi agent has various agents destroy a boulder. The rush of air wakes up the First Sleeper, which then leaves the cave. By now Captain America has somehow arrived in Germany, and tries to stop the Sleeper. However, he realises that his efforts are futile against it, and wonders how he can stop it. Meanwhile, the second agent gets her agents to wake up the Second Sleeper...


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