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Cliffhangers are my arch nemesis!

Caps story sucks. Iron Mans is great. This has been happening since Cap came into this title, they have absolutely no idea what they want to do with Steve. This time he only appears for 3 pages.... so he can be shrinked and put in a bottle.. like a ship. Then the americans fight Germany. Sounds like the same story I have heard on most of these Captain America stories. Cap has a story, it concludes... RANDOM FIGHTING! Not what I like to read but... whatever. The art by Jack saves the story.

Iron man on the other hand gets to face communists, again. Unlike Captain America's story this one sets itself apart by building on Crimson Dynamo's story. Remember him? That dude that was killed awhile ago? Yeah, some evil Russians are in his lab trying to build a suit and they do, TITANIUM MAN! The name isn't the best but he's not bad as far as villains in this title go. They fight and it looks epic!... then Iron Man tries to run away.. into a mine field. The end.


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