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    Tony struggles with Pepper's relationship with Happy as he is sent into battle in Alberia.

    If I Die, Let It Be With Honor!

    In Russia, a fearsome man named Boris Bullski orders his scientists to make him a suit of armor which is more powerful than Iron Man's. Because they do not have Iron Man's knowledge of tiny transistors, the suit has to be made extremely large, although to Bullski it's like wearing an overcoat. Once they are done, the Titanium Man challenges Iron Man to a battle, so that he can prove that Communists are superior to Westerners. Iron Man agrees and goes to Europe to fight Titanium Man. The night before the match, he works on a new, powerful device which will be upgraded into his suit. However, it is stolen by an ex of his so that he will meet with her. When the fight begins, it appears that Iron Man will lose, as he has been tricked into fighting in a minefield!

    Midnight In Greymoor Castle!

    In Greymoor Castle, a British scientist named Dr. Rawlings is performing a test on two lifelike models of Captain America and Bucky. Dr. Rawlings has allied himself with the Nazis because he thinks that the British have betrayed him. Meanwhile, Captain America has to go to fight a group of Nazi's with his squadron. Cap has to leave Bucky behind, who leaves to go to Greymoor Castle, which he has heard of. Unfortunately, when there, Bucky is captured. Meanwhile, Captain America wipes out the group of Nazi's, and finds a telegram saying that they have captured Bucky. Cap then deserts his squadron to go save Bucky.



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    Cliffhangers are my arch nemesis! 0

    Caps story sucks. Iron Mans is great. This has been happening since Cap came into this title, they have absolutely no idea what they want to do with Steve. This time he only appears for 3 pages.... so he can be shrinked and put in a bottle.. like a ship. Then the americans fight Germany. Sounds like the same story I have heard on most of these Captain America stories. Cap has a story, it concludes... RANDOM FIGHTING! Not what I like to read but... whatever. The art by Jack saves the story. Ir...

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