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Having returned from Ireland, Happy Hogan resumes work at Stark Industries, and Tony Stark gets a letter from his cousin Morgan asking for help.

If A Man Be Mad!

After the last issue, Count Nefaria is trying to get revenge on Iron Man again. He tells Tony's cousin Morgan that if he will make Tony Stark think that he is mad, he will forgive some debts of his. Morgan agrees and arrives in the States a few days later. When Tony is driving to a date a few days later, he sees what appears to be a spaceship nearby. Changing to Iron Man, he alerts the authorities, who come over to where he saw it, but when they reach it, the ship is gone. Iron Man then thinks he sees an alien, so asks the policemen to help him look for it. Since they don't see it, the policemen start to think he's losing his mind. However, it turns out Morgan was using an image projector to make Iron Man/Tony Stark think he was seeing the ship and the alien. The next day, Iron Man sees another spaceship, and although he doesn't know it, this one is real. He manages to fight off the aliens which attack him, and Morgan agrees to testify for him and tell everyone he's not mad after Iron Man saves him from the aliens.

The Sentinel And The Spy!

After the last issue, which ended with Captain America seemingly shooting Winston Churchill, it turns out that the shock was so great that it wiped his brainwashing, and that at the last second he pulled his arm upwards. The Nazis that are with Cap realizes that he has recovered from the brainwashing, and so try to kill him. However, Bucky and Cap manage to take them out. Afterwords, they find out that the top secret Project Vanish has been infiltrated by a Nazi agent. The two go to where Project Vanish is hidden, and find the agent wiping out anything with a single blow. Cap warns him not to turn it to full strength, but as the Nazi agent does, Project Vanish explodes, as it was not ready at the highest setting.


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Well, it could've been better. 0

Last issue was fantastic sadly this one wasn't. Tony starts to see stuff because his cousin is a dick, then when everyone starts saying "Tony may be crazy." He sees aliens for real and fights 'em. I mean I don't really mind a coincidence but this is pushing it, really far. Nothing else really happens but the story was pretty entertaining so maybe they'll improve next issue?The cap story is a bit different, it picks up the story perfectly. The bad part is that it doesn't know how to end it. Magic...

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