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As Pepper Potts chews Iron Man out for Happy Hogan's departure, Happy himself is taking a one way trip to Shannon, Ireland to get away from his life at Stark Industries.

Where Walk The Villains!

After the previous issue, Iron Man is wondering how he can convince Happy to return to the States after he left last issue. While he ponders it, Count Nefaria, whom the Avengers encountered recently, has made a device which will let him control a person's dreams. He announces that he shall now be known as the Master of Dreams. He wants revenge on the Avengers, and so uses his device on his first victim: Iron Man. All of a sudden Iron Man is on a bridge, facing the Crimson Dynamo and the Unicorn. He manages to defeat both of them, and then returns to normal, as he thinks that he must have only been dreaming. Deciding that he will go to Scotland himself, Iron Man travels there, where he finds that Happy won't budge from his decision. Sitting down, he tries to think of a way he can convince Happy, but unknown to him, he is lured into another dream. Going outside, Iron Man finds more foes than last time, including the Melter, Black Knight, Gargantus, Crimson Dynamo, and Jack Frost. He manages to defeat them all however, and Count Nefaria angrily programs his device to make him fight so many foes that he will certainly die, as if he dies in the dream he will also die in real life. However, the stress of the programming causes Count Nefaria's machine to short circuit, blowing it up. Iron Man wakes up to find out that Pepper has called up Happy, and convinced him to return to the States.

Lest Tyranny Triumph!

After being brainwashed by the Red Skull in the previous issue, Captain America has been ordered to kill Winston Churchill in London. Bucky manages to escape and disguises himself as a Nazi so he can try and stop Captain America, as he is part of the same Nazi troop that is going with Captain America. The team parachutes into London, and makes it to 10 Downing St successfully. Captain America aims a gun, and is about to shoot Winston Churchill, but the brainwashing is not strong enough to make him shoot the leader of the Allies. Despite that he hesitates, one of the Nazis grabs his hand and makes him shoot the gun as the issue ends.


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This is the type of issues I want to read. Two fantastic stories that built off of 2 terrible stories. Iron man has to fight all of his past foes while keeping his life together. Hogan is in Ireland. Pepper hates Iron Man for making Hogan leave, so Iron Man does his best to get it done. Every single fight was spectacular! I especially loved the one with Crimson Dynamo, Tony's reaction is priceless. The art fits this story perfectly as well. The Cap story is more of a direct continuation, he is...

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