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US Senator Harrington Byrd has commissioned Stark Industries to build a new submarine, which is to be tested by Iron Man.

If I Fail, A World Is Lost!

Iron Man has a new sub for underwater exploration. Happy volunteers to test it so that he'll appear courageous in Pepper's eyes, but Tony says no. He then goes in the submarine for the test, but runs into forces of Attuma's , who are planning to release a gas into the air so that the surface world people will be unable to breathe, since the air will be too watery for them to breathe, but the Atlanteans will be able to breathe it. Overhearing this, Iron Man gets out of the submarine, and attacks Attuma. After a long fight which neither of them can win, Iron Man's air supply is almost out, so he has to return to the submarine. He then sends it on a kamikaze mission into the gun which will release the gas, getting out before it crashes. He returns to the surface only to find that Happy has left America.

The Fantastic Origin Of The Red Skull!

The Red Skull has captured Captain America and is holding him captive. He mentions that they managed to capture him by having Nazi's searching all the submarines which reach the coast, which Captain America had been hiding in. The Red Skull gets his thugs to leave, and tells Captain America his origin. He had been an orphan from birth, forced to steal to get food. He occasionally did get a job, but it would be the worst jobs possible. Whilst he was in his best job yet, as a bellboy, he was asked to go to Hitler's room, who was staying in the hotel at the time. As he entered, Hitler was yelling at a general for not producing a satisfactory result in a mission. He saw the future Red Skull, and recognized that he too hated the world. He ordered him to be made into a soldier far superior to all his others. And so the Red Skull was born! Meanwhile, where Captain America is being held hostage, he tries to fight the Red Skull, but for no apparent reason gets knocked unconscious. A scientist walks into the room and tells the Skull that the gas was successful and that now Captain America will obey the Red Skull. The Red Skull gives Captain America his mission: to kill Winston Churchill.



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Attuma seems useless. So does Red Skull. 0

Happy quits! Cap becomes a Nazi? Attuma does something! Red Skull monologues! That sums up these issues too well. The Iron Man story starts off fantastic.. then quickly becomes really stupid and then Attuma comes.. and I have no idea who that is. They fight, and then Iron man goes to do some damage control. This story really sets up for some interesting developments but this story sucks, a lot. Setup issues should still be good. The Cap story is boring and kind of useless. Red Skull tells Cap...

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