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When Titans Clash!

Annoyed that he can't have a normal life due to his chestplate, Tony Stark leaves for a Pentagon meeting, accidentally leaving his suitcase with the Iron Man armor behind, and worse, forgetting to set the device so that it will let out tear gas if it isn't opened by him. While he's away, a thug sneaks into the factory, looking for defense plans to steal. He manages to steal Iron Man's armor, and after hours of practice is as good with it as Iron Man. When Tony returns, he realizes what has happened, and knows that the only person strong enough to defeat Iron Man is someone as strong as Iron Man. Glad that he didn't throw it out months ago, Tony puts on his original armor, and prepares to fight the impostor. He contacts him on a wavelength that only he can hear, and tells him to fight him in his factory. During the fight, at first it seems that the impostor will win, but makes mistake after mistake as Tony tricks him. Tony eventually manages to get the impostor to run out of battery power, and disables the factory's main power so that he can't recharge. However, the impostor has deduced Tony's identity, so Tony is worried as to what will happen next. However, when the police question the impostor, they find out that he has gone crazy, as he is claiming that he himself made the armor.

The Red Skull Strikes!

A mysterious person has been sabotaging American forces. Captain America and Bucky try to find the person, and discover it is a man who calls himself the Red Skull. After defeating his forces, the Red Skull escapes in the confusion. The next day, a man called Maxton goes to watch a plane testing. The plane explodes and the men inside it die. Captain America (in his civilian identity as Steve Rogers) yells at Maxton, because Maxton only cares about the plane exploding, not about the men. The next day, Bucky and Captain America find the Red Skull again, and manage to unmask him. They find out that it is Maxton who was the Red Skull, who soon escapes. They deduce that the real Maxton was replaced with a Nazi look-a-like, who would then sabotage American forces.



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Looks like Cap's story is finally going somewhere. 0

Ever since Cap came into this title he has done diddly. Always feeling like a really long back up, this time he does have a story that actually feels like a real story. This isn't to say that it is good, but it isn't bad. It also promises to pick up on what it did in the next issue. So, I guess I shall wait to see what happens soon. Iron man is ready to give up his whole way of living so Pepper and Hogan can be together. Thats pretty admirable, but the problem with this story is not what Tony ...

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