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    Hawkeye and a new-and-improved Black Widow return to Tony Stark's neck of the woods with Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan in their sights! Also: a tale from Captain America's dramatic past featuring fortunetelling foes, Sando and Omar!

    Hawkeye And The New Black Widow Strike Again!

    Hawkeye is by himself, testing new arrows. He imagines what the Black Widow would think, and is surprised when she suddenly appears, in a new costume. He asks what she is doing there, since she was taken by Russian agents last time he saw her. Black Widow explains that she was given orders to defeat Iron Man after she received powers to suit her name. The powers she was given were wall-crawling and the ability to shoot out a thin, nylon cord. Black Widow and Hawkeye then capture Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan so that they can lure Iron Man. Instead of Iron Man, Tony Stark appears, who claims he will trade some missile defense plans for Pepper and Happy's release. When he opens his case, however, tear gas comes out. In the confusion, he changes to Iron Man. He is almost defeated by Hawkeye, but manages to distract him by attacking Black Widow. Hawkeye then leaves with the Black Widow unconscious.

    Among Us, Wreckers Dwell!

    A mysterious act is going on: a duo named Sando and Omar are magically showing the future, which then proceeds to happen. They are mostly predicting disasters such as Nazi tanks defeating Americans. Captain America and Bucky decide to go to a show and find out why they are predicting the future so accurately. Going to the dressing room, they find a woman who calls herself Agent 13 fighting with Sando, who is really a Nazi. Captain America, Bucky, and Agent 13 defeat the Nazis who arrive, leaving Omar (since he was an innocent pawn). They deduce that the reason they did their act was so that the Americans would give up and lose faith.



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    Cap.. why are you even here? 0

    Cap has had a really rough time of figuring out what he is going to be doing with his pages in this book. None of it connects and none of it is really interesting. It's there.. which is fine, just wish it would be decent. This time he fights a two weirdos and the fights a ton of other people. It's that simple. Kirby didn't even try here either. Terrible story. Iron man on the other hand has to deal with Hawkeye and Black widow... again. The cool thing is they don't take up to much space and we ...

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