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    Who is the Phantom, and why is he sabotaging Stark International? Also: more of the origin of Captain America is revealed!

    Somewhere Lurks The Phantom!

    Someone is sabotaging Tony Stark's equipment, although no one can find him. Various leaders believe that Tony Stark himself may be doing it, although for no apparent reason.Iron Man volunteers to find the saboteur, and manages to capture him. It turns out to be his doctor, who was annoyed that Tony never had any time for him, so wanted to ruin him.

    The Origin Of Captain America!

    It's 1940, and the Allies have a plan for victory. They have a scientist named Abraham Erskine who has a formula which shall turn an ordinary man into a living super soldier. Among the volunteers for the formula, Steve Rogers has been chosen for his will to fight for his country. Just after he drinks the formula, Nazis burst in and shoot Abraham Erskine. Steve Rogers somehow has better fighting skill now, and so defeats all of them. He joins the army as simple Private Steve Rogers, without anyone but the head leaders knowing his real identity. One night, the camp mascot, Bucky Barnes, walks in on Captain America without his mask, and deduces that Steve Rogers must be Captain America. Captain America decides to make him his sidekick, and after training him for months, the two successfully defeat a troop of Nazis, which is just the beginning of their adventures.


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    Nothing new. 0

    Iron Mans new story has a few interesting developments, Pepper and hogan are actually getting a relationship now. YES!!!! Stark is out of his Iron Man suit finally and the new villain is boring. Everything was handled well except the villain, he's your typical bad guy disgruntled at the higher up boss. Cap's origin feel funny, something about it bugs me. Can't put my finger on it but it just doesn't really come together like it should by the end. Great art.3/5. Not bad but something just doesn...

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