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    With Iron Man in his custody, the Mandarin reveals his life story, the origin of his powers, and his plan to ignite World War 3! Also: Captain America must fight his way out of a prison full of pugilistic inmates after his shield is stolen!

    The Origin Of The Mandarin!

    Iron Man is stuck to a giant wheel, and the Mandarin tells him that he will tell him how he got his power, as he can't possibly escape and tell anyone else, then he will kill him. Mandarin explains that his father and his mother died when he was born, and that an aunt raised him. Eventually he couldn't pay his taxes, so had to leave. He explored the dreaded Valley of Spirits, where he saw the skeleton of a dragon. The sight shocked him so much that he fell down further in the Valley of Spirits, where he found a space ship. Inside were ten rings which were the power source. He took them and used them to become... the Mandarin! Mandarin then leaves Iron Man on the wheel, making it spin so fast that he will die. Iron Man manages to use the wheel itself to charge his transistor batteries, so that he can break free of it. He then goes and sends a missile which Mandarin had sent off back to China. Mandarin and Iron Man then fight, but neither can gain the upper hand. Eventually Mandarin uses his black light ring to cloak Iron Man in darkness, then leaves.

    Break-Out In Cell Block 10!

    Captain America gets tricked into going into a prison where some escaped prisoners who have disguised themselves as guards trick him into a locked cell. They are confident that they can use Captain America's magnetised shield to escape. The shield can't open the door though. However, Cap appears, and defeats all of the prisoners. They ask how come his shield wouldn't open the door, and Cap explains that he removed the magnets from it ages ago, as they upset its balance. They then ask how he escaped from the cell, and Cap explains that he stuck a chewing gum wrapper in the lock ,so it couldn't lock properly. The real guards arrive, and tell Cap that to open the door, you have to say two words: "Captain America".


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    Are we sure Mandarin isn't Juggernaut? 0

    So Mandarin's original origin is really, really close to Juggernauts. Even when it is changed by Matt fraction many years later they are still both pretty close but at least they aren't like exactly the same. Both of them get magical powers from an artifact they find in a cave. Yeah, that is Mandarin's origin, not bad but a bit more effort in making it stand apart would of been fantastic. Cap's story is the same as the one in #60 except this time a warden tricks him so he can steal Caps shield...

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