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    With Tony Stark dead to the world after his home is blown to smithereens, it may truly be the end for the Golden Avenger, as the Mandarin has captured him once again! Also: Captain America heads to Vietnam to match the Herculean might of Sumo!

    The Death Of Tony Stark!

    To stop people thinking that he has killed Tony Stark, Iron Man changes to Stark and lies in bed, pretending he has been sick. However, when the press finds out this and reports it, Mandarin uses the information to send a laser beam to Stark's house, seemingly killing him. Iron Man, however, managed to et out, although everyone thinks that Stark is dead. Iron Man travels to China to confront Mandarin, but is defeated and tied to a large wheel. Mandarin announces that before he kills Iron Man, he shall tell him how he got the power of his ten rings.

    The Strength Of The Sumo!

    Captain America travels to Vietnam to free a helicopter pilot, so he can repay a debt to the pilots' brother. However, when Cap meets the general who is holding the pilot hostage, he is shocked to see that he is a massive sumo wrestler. Cap manages to escape back to the States with the pilot, but only narrowly.


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    Monologuing, Mandarin is the best at it. 0

    This time Cap has an actual story, odd right? I'll jump right in and explain the basic premise. A U.S. pilot was captured, Cap wants him back so the enemy general tells Cap "You get him back if you pass my test!" The test i fighting three big sumo lookin' dudes. Cap is then transported to a different location where he fights the Sumo. Sumo is not a nice dude, he has the pilot killed (They don't die, he just has them ordered to die) and fights Cap. Jack Kirby draws this fight masterfully. It loo...

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