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As Kraven being captured by Iron-Man, who missed the Chameleon, the Chameleon plans to take the upper hand on Kraven by defeating Iron-Man.

A injured and exhausted Captain America stumbles into Tony Stark's office to warn Tony Stark that the shape-shifting Chameleon has duplicated none other than the Captain himself, with the sole intent of infiltrating the mighty Avengers.

Iron Man wastes no time in his race to the Avenger Mansion, where he indeed finds Captain America and launches into an attack. Unknown to the Golden Avenger, however, is that it is the real Captain America who guards the Mansion, and the fake Captain America who showed up at his office.

But, unfortunately for all involved, Iron Man will not be convinced otherwise, leaving the two Avengers in a fierce battle against each other.

Neither Iron Man nor Captain America can get the upper hand, although when their fight goes into a factory, they must stop to save Happy and Pepper, who have wandered in after them. Before they can continue their fight, Giant-Man and the Wasp arrive, telling them that they found Chameleon, who set the whole thing up. Iron Man apologises to Captain America, annoyed with himself for believing the Chameleon's story so easily.

Also includes: "Tales of the Watcher: The Watcher Must Die!"


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So, the cover promises Captain America VS Iron Man. Not going to lie, I was HYPE! Than that silly rule of comic books came into play Rule Number 6: Covers are always misleading. So what we actually get is Iron Man VS the Spider Man villain, Chameleon. Apparently Chameleon tricked Cap and disposed of him. (Not well though since Cap gets away and tells Iron Man what's what) Now, this issue is great, fantastic art, great fights, coolish ending but the struggle this issue faces is getting started....

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