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After helping Iron Man catch a crook, expert an contortionist turns to the criminal life, calling himself Scarecrow (alias the Uncanny Umberto), who then steals weapon plans from Stark's penthouse. Though Stark agrees to pay ransom on the plans, Scarecrow quickly goes back on his word, whisking the plans away toward Cuba. Only Iron Man can catch him in time.

Erstwhile, a jealous Pepper Potts sabotages Tony Stark's romantic life.

"The Green Thing" (Lee, Lieber, Fox, Simek); "Tales of the Watcher: The Primitive" (Lee, Lieber, Bell, Rosen)


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Was I really supposed to believe any of this? 0

If spoilers are your archenemy, I would be cautious when moving forward! You'd think Stan Lee would know what to do when he has momentum. He doesn't in this book at least, last issue the Mandarin was awesome! Hogan and Pepper were awesome! Then this issue happened and Tony is having trouble with a controintist named Scarecrow. Ugh. I mean even Pepper annoyed me in this issue. It was just bad. Not sure what I am even supposed to take away from this. Scarecrow's motivations are wack. "Well, I am ...

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The Sinister Scarecrow 0

This month we see Iron Man battle it out with Scarecrow, a performer who decides he's had enough of pandering to his audience and decides instead to use his talents to become a really good burglar. This is fine, except, his reasoning for choosing the guise of a scarecrow is a little beyond me. There's some justification in amongst it all that links the performer's nimbleness to that of a scarecrows? But that makes as much as sense as a flying shark. So what we're left with is something of a half...

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