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A new, powerful villain known as The Mandarin arises in the Orient, and Iron Man is sent to investigate. Soon trapped in Mandarin's castle, Iron Man faces challenge after challenge as Mandarin tests and toys with the Golden Avenger.

Meanwhile, Pepper, angry at Tony for neglecting an employee dinner (or, more specifically, her chance to catch his eye) asks Happy Hogan to escort her.

Iron Man is almost defeated by the Mandarin with his karate skills, but Iron Man calculates which angle will have enough force to deflect the blow and knock Mandarin out at the same time. He then goes back to the employee dinner, where he gets to spend time with Pepper.

Accompanying comics: "Them" (Lee, Lieber, Bell, Rosen); "Tales of the Watcher: Journey's End" (Lee, Lieber, Brodsky, Simek)


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"Look you weak apology for Genghis Khan" Damn, Mandarin may need to visit a burn center after that. 0

Spoilers ahead!This is without a doubt my favorite issue since #39, easily. Happy Hogan punches out a jerk and gets a date with Pepper! Yeah I know that doesn't really matter but it was actually handled quickly and I have been really wondering where that relationship was heading. Onto the show stealer here, THE MANDARIN! At first he talks in third person and feels like Dr. Doom but then Iron man shows up and the fight and back forth between them is sweeter than icing. The insults they sling ar...

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The Hands Of The Mandarin 0

So after the stunningly good looking redesign and overhaul of Iron Man and his comic last month, this time around we see Stark veteran at this point Don Heck take back the reigns as chief artist, and the result is unsurprisingly more moody and harsher than Ditko's. The story too is a little more understated and serial, which too often has been the staple of this series, and not to great effect. This month we have the Mandarin—a oriental sorcerer of sorts that uses magic rings to do crazy things ...

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