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Well, this was a flimsy excuse for a crossover.

Spoilers ahead!

So Angel of the X-Men is flying around. Sees Iron Man. Iron Man tells him to go away then a nuke goes off. Which doesn't even seem to be far away, so why aren't they dead? I mean they gave an excuse for Iron Man that I guess I shall accept.The thing that moves this story along is that Angel doesn't die.. no, he becomes EVIL! afterwards he leaves the X-Men. They even try and stop him but they fail pretty hard. Which is odd because all Angel can do is fly. Since the X Men are apparently incompetent they call in the Avengers, only Iron man responds though because I guess the other avengers are busy or something? It finishes up by Iron man trying to make Angel realize he is good with Iron Man kind of trying to kill himself. Angel saves him like suspected which is lucky. The End.

The art is actually kind of cruddy.. Ditko does not draw the X men well sadly.

Nothing special but not bad. I can't really buy into radiation making someone evil in 10 minutes and that really bugged me so 3/5.


A side story about the Watcher (The one from the Fantastic Four) warning us of a random alien species planning to kill us all is included, it's alright.

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