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A new villain, Mr. Doll, emerges with the power to control to cause intense pain to anyone he can mold his doll to resemble -- including Iron Man! One conflict with him leaves Tony so drained that he sees no choice but to build a new, lighter set of armor to relieve the stress on his heart.

While Tony works on his secret project, Mr. Doll sets about stealing the fortunes of richest men in the city, and Tony Stark himself is Doll's next target.

Iron Man manages to defeat Mr. Doll by shaping his doll with a ray into Mr. Doll's own face, then making him drop it.

Accompanying comics include: "Kraddak" (Lee, Lieber, Bell, Simek)


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Beware of the spoilers ahead. In this issue Tony debuts his Mark III suit! Finally he isn't wearing a clunky bright golden bullet looking armor! Now he has a nice red and yellow suit. Slim and this one doesn't look awful. Want to know why he really changed to the Mark III though? "So I can inspire fear into the hearts of criminals!".. Settle down, Tony. No one has even started comparing you to Batman. (Thats a joke BTW) but yeah, the new suit is a lot cooler and honestly does make a lot more se...

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The Mysterious Mr. Doll 0

Having taken the reigns at least temporarily from Tales of Suspense's chief artist Don Heck, Steve Ditko in his second issue here redesigns Heck's original creation and gives him more spark, more punch and a greater ability to emote. It's the main reason that this issue (in which Ditko is seemingly given much greater control than his last) reads so well—it bounces off the page and yet seems to exist in its own fantastical, deranged and secluded world. Pitting Iron Man up against his toughest foe...

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