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Once again, Tony's weapons are the victim of sabotage, this time by his once competitor Bruno Horgan, who now calls himself the Mysterious Melter. Tony confronts the Melter as Iron Man, only to find out his own armor is not immune to the effects of the Melter's ray. To make matters worse, the government loses faith in Stark's ability to protect his factories and produce quality products. Tony's left with two choices: stop the sabotage, or watch his industrial empire crumble and fall.

Iron Man finds the Melter eventually, but this time has an ace in the hole. When the Melter tries to melt the Iron Man armour, he finds that his beam doesn't work on it. Despite that, he tries to stop him by melting heavy weights and pipes, but is unsuccessful. Fleeing Iron Man, the Melter jumps down into the sewage system, and it is impossible to know whether he is alive or not.

Accompanying comics include: "Shock!" (Lee, Lieber, Bell, Simek)


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Spoilers may or may not be ahead. So if you screwed over a guy who then finds out a really nifty way to combat you what do you do? Well if you're Iron Man and you screwed over a dude who finds out how to melt Iron like butter in a microwave the answer is simple. You change your suit to aluminum. So yeah from that point on Melter was screwed, royally. Also what type of name is Melter? Really givin' the brain some exercise coming up with that, eh? With that said.. I really loved this issue. Th...

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Meltdown 0

Coming off of a decent story of industrial sabotage by the dastardly rads we have a bit of a dud this month in the form of The Mysterious Melter. I'm going to be honest the only two things mysterious about The Melter are his fashion sense and why anyone didn't just tackle the dude whose only power is to melt iron.A lot of time is spent in this comic showing the withering effects of mysterious acts of sabotage on Tony Stark's business... Hey wait a minute. #checks review for issue 46#. You cheeky...

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Iron Man Battles The Mysterious Melter! 0

It's a superstar showdown this month as we get three Marvel titans teaming up to breathe life into the tin-can gladiator Iron Man. While the pairing of Ditko and Heck gives Suspense a familiar but notably more striking look, the same cannot be said unfortunately for the writing from Lee which essentially boils down to the same someone is attacking Tony Stark's weapons plot that we've read ad infinitum. The result is an inoffensive outing for Iron Man which pits him against the forgettable Melter...

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