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Ivan Vanko, one of Red Russia's top engineers, unveils his latest achievement, a heavy electric suit more powerful than Iron Man's armor, and with it sets out to destroy America's top weapons scientist, Tony Stark.

Back home, Tony comes under suspicion as a new Stark rocket fails inexplicably and Stark's plants across the country fall victim to attack and sabotage. It is, of course, the work of the Crimson Dynamo, who craves only one thing above the utter destruction of Tony Stark -- a face-to-face with Iron Man!

Iron Man manages to find the Crimson Dynamo, and traps him in a circle of trees. He then leaves for a moment, and when he comes back, grabs the Crimson Dynamo and prepares to drop him in the water. The Crimson Dynamo is pleads that he wants to live, and Iron Man takes him back to shore. He then lets him listen in on the Russians planning to kill him when he gets back, although its only Iron Man's recorded voice, which he recorded when he left earlier. Iron Man then offers for Vanko to defect to the West, who agrees.

Accompanying comics include: "The Gargoyles" (Lee, Ditko, Holloway),


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I get it already, communism is bad. 0

Spoilers be bountiful ahead, matey. So we finally get a semi-interesting villain here and guess what happens? He's turned into a worker for Stark by the end of the issue. Yeah, it's kind of lame to me. I mean the government really doesn't trust Stark in this issue. It'd be cool if that is built on in anyway really. Besides getting introduced to Crimson Dynamo "TOP DAWG OF ELEKTRISITY!" and the governments opinion of Stark seeming to be something of a flip of a coin away of just saying "Ya know,...

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Danger! Danger! High Voltage! 0

It’s back to the bread and butter of Iron Man as he’s once again beset upon by the communist menace! This time a top soviet scientist - Professor Vanko has built a mighty set of armour to match that of Iron Man with one key advantage, it is capable of generating vast electrical blast capable of short circuiting any machine. He is dispatched by Khrushchev to bring down Tony Stark by and means necessary!I always enjoy Iron Man more when he’s fighting slightly more down to earth o...

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Dynamo's debut! Found this ish at a cool comic shop when I went on a trip to see my uncle. The shop had a lot of classic issues as well as a bunch of cool action figures, new comics, and more.The CoverIts kind of ridiculous.... I mean, what Stark is saying. "It is time for ANTHONY STARK to become IRON MAN once again!! I pray this will not be my final battle!" But, thats the old days. But Crimson Dynamo's suit of armor looks pretty cool.The StoryIvan Vanko, a genius Russian scientist, makes a sui...

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