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The Mad Pharoah!

With the help of Iron Man, an archaeological team unearths the tomb of King Hatap, "The Mad Pharoh", Egyptian sorcerer and rival to Cleopatra.

Except Hatap isn't dead!

Turns out he's been in suspended animation, awaiting the chance to return to the past and assail Cleopatra's forces once more. The revived Hatap, recognizing Tony's scientific brillance, takes him back to the past with in the hopes of utilizing his skills.

Tony escapes Hatap and dons the golden armor just in time to land himself smack dab in the middle of a Roman invasion -- and harboring a mighty crush on the beautiful Cleopatra.

Iron Man then manages to stop the attacking Roman forces. Hatap tries to go back to the future, but Iron Man squirts oil at the bracelet which took them to the past, making it fall out of Hatap's hands. Hatap lunges to grab it, but falls on an upturned sword, killing him.

In the present, archaeologists look at hieroglyphs, and try to work out why there would be a hieroglyph which appears to be Cleopatra embracing a figure who looks like Iron Man.

The Tree

One of Us Must Die!

I Come From The Sky!


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Iron Man is a dick. 0

Spoilers ahead.. BEWARE! The basic run down is this.. So Tony decides he wants to check out a pyramid in Egypt. Cool so far. So what does he do first? Talk to guy about getting into it. He says "We can't really.." Tony responds with "IRON MAN COULD!" Yes, Tony Stark is a real genius isn't he.. Little while later he has to plug himself into the wall. Yeah, okay.. a little silly now, but whatever. Afterwards as Iron Man he gets into the pyramid and sees the mummy he was looking for. Next he runs...

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Egypt's Never Looked So Good 0

Iron Man faces his greatest threat yet as he is thrown back in time to battle the evil (and misnamed) Mad Pharaoh Hatap. Can he survive an encounter with this ancient foe? Will he charm the legendary beauty Cleopatra? Will he be able to escape the past and get back to the present? Find out all this and more in this issue!Now look in my review of TOS #43 I said “Iron Man does not feel right fighting mystical underground civilisations”, and I stand by that here. Iron Man doesn’t ...

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The Mad Pharoah 0

So you know how Tony Stark is a total playboy? Well, this month, why don't we have him square off against the beauty of Cleopatra? Eh? Eh!Well, it's not as bad as it sounds. No, really; it's not. Having a meagre fourteen pages to fill, the action flows nicely and the overall time-travel ancient Egypt storyline is quirky but definitely has a certain charm about it. That being said, this one seems like a step in the wrong direction not just for Marvel, but Iron Man too. Sure, we get reminded that ...

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