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    Kala, Queen Of The Netherworld!

    Tony Stark, along with a few bystanders (but without his trusted attache case!), is kidnapped from his factory and taken to the Netherworld, an underground civilization descended from Atlantis. Kala, their queen, plans to invade and conquer the world above, but lacks the means to get her forces above ground -- hence why she captured Stark: either the scientist develops a way for her to reach the surface, or she kills all the captives.

    Stark pretends to agree, and asks to be in a private lab and not to be disturbed. He makes a model of his Iron Man armour, and claims that Stark had drilled through to the surface to get him. He then manages to fight off all of Kala's defences, and then takes her to the surface, where he shows her that a hostile takeover would be pointless, as she ages dramatically in the surface air. Kala agrees to let Stark and his friends go, and takes another person who lives underground, named Baxu, to be her husband.

    The Journey

    You Can't Change The Past!

    I Was A Victim of Venus!


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    Drabness in the Depths of the Earth 0

    Tony Stark must face down his most dangerous opponent yet in Kala and her hordes of the underworld. Imprisoned deep underground without the Iron Man suit Stark will have to use all his wits to avert crisis! With the threat of invasion looming and his friends being held hostage, can Tony Stark find a way to save the day?Iron Man does not feel right fighting mystical underground civilisations and/or aliens. I can understand him fighting super villains, even magical ones, but when he’s fighti...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Kala, Queen Of The Netherworld! 0

    Another decent Iron Man story this month where we see our hero get transported to The Centre of the Earth (you know, where half of Earth's villains take up residence) to do the bidding of a "beautiful but vain creature" in the form of Kala: Ruler of the Netherworld. Fine, fine; we've kind of seen this all before in other series' but I guess I found the whole centre of the Earth thing to be a little more believable this time around thanks to allusions to Atlantis and a foreshadowing of the tech d...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Heh, that was clever. 0

    Spoilers ahead! What do you do when you have a chance to redo your origin story? YOU GO FOR IT! So, Tony and a few workers are sucked underground and see "Atlantis". So this chick named Kala tells Tony "Help me take over earth!" he tells her yeah only to build an Iron Man suit just like he did in issue 39. Except this time around no Yinsen and when he breaks out he does a ton of impressive stuff. My favorite part is when he tricks her with a simple mirror trick. Not sure that is actually how m...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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