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Iron Man Versus Gargantus!

After a pretty exciting debut for Anthony Stark and his Iron Man persona last month, you'd expect Lee, Kirby and Bernstein to keep up the pace and deliver a follow up that would expel fears of Iron Man being just another Hulk, but unfortunately this sophomore effort begins with Tony battling... tigers. In a circus. Then he turns his costume gold, in a plight to become more accepted by the people he's saving. Ah, Tony; ever one to please (himself.) and in turn ends up looking like an Oscar trophy. And all of this before we meet the villain; Gargantus, a oversized Neanderthal who hypnotises an entire state and puts a brick wall around it. Ho hum. But alas, after some magnet trickery (for the trillionth time), Gargantus is actually a ROBOT. But wait, there's more! It's controlled by ALIENS IN THE SKY that look like Kermit the Frog. Holy mother of... It reads like something from the Golden Age. Everyone, come see the Invincible Cliche Man! I really hope this one is an exception.

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    What is this? 0

    Warning: SPOILERS. So.. umm.. what? Two things of note happen here Iron Man becomes gold because he is scaring all of the people he is trying to save and he saves a town from a robot.. from some aliens. Yeah it's silly. Not in a good way either I mean I get that it is supposed old now so I can't be too harsh. Yet the last issue was much better and not nearly as silly. Anyway, Tony has a date at the circus and the tigers get loose. His first instinct is that he needs to save everyone as Iron Man...

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    Gargantus: The Giant Disappointment 0

    After Iron Man's exciting and grounded debut I was looking forward to learning how he became a super hero and how he would shrink down the life support systems from a suit to a smaller device. Sadly both of these points were skipped over, moving straight to the continued adventures of Iron Man the hero. We did get a detailed and slightly sexist explanation of why Iron Man changed the color of his suit to gold and an explanation of the three personas of Tony Stark.This was very much a story of tw...

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