Takuma Sakazaki

    Character » Takuma Sakazaki appears in 46 issues.

    The patriarch of the Sakazaki family. Also known by his alter ego Mr. Karate, Takuma is a master of the style he devised, Kyokugen Karate, and the father of Ryo and Yuri.

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    Takuma Sakazaki was a master of Kyokugen. Kyokugen is a form fo Karate that uses mostly Spiritual energies mixed with various fighting styles such as Kyokushin, Shotokan, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai

    Takuma is able to manipulate Ki insto his physical attacks and is also able to manifest Ki into blasts or in a shape of a tiger or a dragon.

    Takuma's goals were to spread Kyokugen to anyone who wanted to learn. But his town and his family were threatened by a crime boss named Geese Howard. Since his family was threatened he was forced to work for Geese. To save some of his honor he wore the Tengu mask and created a new personality, Mr Karate


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