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Powers and Abilities

Takeda even before having a Master was an effect disciple level fighter becoming a rising star in the boxing world. After his accident and joining Ragnarok Takeda was still able to keep of with all fighters below the 8 fists. After regaining the use of his left arm and training under James Shiba Takeda has become one of the more powerful fighters in the Shinpaku Allaince along the same levels as Kenichi, Hermit, and Siegfried. Takeda seems to focus on agility and speed versus raw power and can punch so fast that it cannot be seen by the naked eye. Takeda normally prefers to dodge attacks as opposed to block so he can create openings. Takeda was even able to dodge a punch from Sho Kano. His strength is also impressive as he can stop Kenichi's kicks with his knuckles. Since improving his skills and being just uner Kenichi and Hermit in skill Takeda has shown to be on par with a YOMI disciple. Takeda fought evenly with Lugh and eventually defeated him even though Lugh is one of YOMI's strongest embers.


  • All Range Punch - Taekda combines his fast footwork and swift punches to trap opponents at multiple angles.
  • Auto Rhythm - Takeda's version of Kenichi's Muyboshi where Takeda uses a combination of his arm and back muscles for a similar effect. While this means Takeda can launch it from a still stance in rapid succession, it is a few levels weaker than the Muyboshi.
  • Double Third Rank Pro - Takeda launches a fast set of jabs with his left arm over an opponents body.
  • Giant Cat Eye Frog Punch - A technique taught to Takeda by his Master Shiba. Named after one of Shiba's pets, he combines the usage of his entire body strength into his legs by doing a frog leap with the instantaneous twist of both arms, greatly amplifying his attack power.
  • Hair's Breath Cross Counter - A move that requires the Ryuusei Seikuken to be active where Takeda dodges his attacker by mere millimeters and counters with an Illusionary Left. This move is extremely effective against weapon users.
  • Illusionary Left - Takeda launches a series of invisible jabs from his left arm.
  • Left Straight - Takeda's favorite punch where he launches a left straight that is invisible to any normal fighters. Takeda's is strong enough to launch air jet blasts from this punch.
  • Meteor Straight - A move Takeda learned in underground boxing to counter throwing moves of other styles. Takeda launches a powerful punch to the back of the throwers head which is made stronger due to the force of the throw which puts Tajeda;s entire weight behind the blow.
  • Ryuusei Seikuken - Takeda can use the high level defensive technique though is is more shallow then Kenichi's and more inconsistent die to his inexperience .
  • Shotgun Liver Blow - A version of the Illusionary Left where Takeda unleashes a series of rapid fire blows to the opponents liver.
  • Ultra Bolo Punch - Takeda launches a punch and then spins to make a full turn

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