Taj Nital

    Character » Taj Nital appears in 35 issues.

    Vampire Hunter turned into a Vampire

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     Taj Nital's origin is largely unknown, except that he originally came from India and had a son named Adri.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Dracula Hunters

    Taj Nital belonged to Quincy Harker's Dracula Hunters. He was known for being silent all the time, but effective in action. This was because of his inability to speak after Dracula cut his throat. He survived however and helped out his teammates more then just once in their battle against Dracula and his followers. Eventually, Taj Nital's young son Adri was bitten and became a vampire. Taj himself was the one that killed him. During a fight against Dracula, Taj disappeared for unknown reasons. Most of them thought of him to have left the life of vampire hunter behind. 
    It was not until years later that  Taj would be seen again.

    Nightstalkers, Taj as a Vampire

    Years after Taj had left the group, fellow Dracula Hunter Blade found out about Taj's fate. He himself had become a vampire. He was now under the control of another evil vampire lord, Varnae. This lord ordered Taj to kill Blade, but he hesitated for a moment when Blade reminded Taj of his dead son Adri. Blade killed Taj with a dagger to his heart and then cried over the death of his old friend.
    Many years later, Blade was tricked into casting a spell that was supposed to resurrect all the vampires that had been killed. Whether this truly happened, and if this means Taj Nital is once more in the land of the living remains to be seen.

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