Tails Doll

    Character » Tails Doll appears in 12 issues.

    A doll-like robotic duplicate of Tails created by Eggman to infiltrate New Mobotropolis.

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    Project Deadly Cuddles

    The True Face of Evil
    The True Face of Evil

    After reality returned to normal following the Genesis incident, Doctor Eggman dispatched Project Titan and Project Deadly Cuddles to New Mobotropolis.

    While the monstrous Titan Metal Sonic laid waste to the city, Tails Doll went inert and left itself out in the middle of the road where it was found by Cream, who assumed it was someone's lost doll and kept if for safekeeping.

    During it's time in the Rabbit household, Tails Doll would sneak out and drain power from the city's main sources of power.

    During a concert being held by Mina Mongoose, Tails Doll attempted to assassinate her by overloading the power cords and causing a small explosion powerful enough to break the stage apart, Mina was saved by Team Freedom and because of Tails Doll, NICOLE's exile was revoked. Nevertheless, Tails Doll continued to drain power from the city in order to repair itself.

    When Doctor Eggman attacked New Mobotropolis again, Tails Doll drained enough power to destabilize the city's shield, allowing Eggman's forces full access to the city. When it was found by Cheese and brought back to Cream, she realized something was off about the doll and had Cheese hold onto it while she went to talk to Rotor, though Cheese was less than pleased with having to hold Tails Doll.

    Later, after hearing Cream telling her mother that she was going to go train with the Freedom Fighters for the rest of the day, Tails Doll slipped out of the house and entered the New Mobotropolis Power Plant to restore itself back to full power. There, it was confronted by Cream, Nicole and Team Freedom but were too late to stop it from completing its self-repair process.

    As Tails Doll began listing off its objectives, it grew in size and mutated into a grotesque cancer-like mass of tentacles and mouths filled with razor sharp teeth. Before it could attack, however, another Genesis Wave hit and temporarily erased Tails Doll from existence.


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