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Marissa Paulsen was an excellent athlete in high school where she was All-State in swimming and gymnastics. Marissa was a great student as well and even attended Yale University but her life would change after a traumatic event took place involving her sister. Her sister was a Navy pilot who had distinguished herself in the Persian Gulf but she would become one of several women that were humiliated and assaulted during the Navy Tailhook Convention. Her sister was fondled, her clothes ripped off and some men tried to rape her but nothing happened to the men involved when she testified against them. The Navy brass shut her out of a promotion to the jets and she ended her own life without saying goodbye or leaving a note. Marissa decided to take matters into her own hand and execute her own form of justice as Tailhook. 
Tailhook would hunt down some men from the Yale campus accused of rape with her barbwire whip and crossbow. One of her targets was a junior named Carl Greenberg who tried to escape from Tailhook by jumping through a window at the Naples Bar on campus. Greenberg would not get very far after he was shot three times in the lower leg by some arrows. Tailhook snared Greenberg around the neck with her barbed whip where he confessed to raping a girl during a fraternity party. Tailhook told Greenberg that the truth shall set you free before slashing his neck with her razor whip. Laura Dunham was a student at Yale and the girlfriend of Richard Rider who was actually sharing a mailbox at the school post office with Marissa Paulsen. Laura saw that Marissa was getting catalogs and packages for leather outfits, masks and various items. Laura left a note for Marissa asking if she was okay and she responded by leaving a page from her diary. The two students would communicate by leaving each other letters at the mailbox and Laura eventually realized that Marissa was the killer, Tailhook. 
Richard Rider became suspicious and worried after seeing Laura in bed, holding a leather mask from outside her dorm window. Rider confronted Laura and told her he was Nova and that he needed to know more about the girl that was committing these murders. Laura revealed all she knew to Nova and decided to help flush her out by leaving one last note in the mailbox. Nova got more information on Marissa from Carlton Lafroyge when he hacked into the Yale computer system. Nova watched Tailhook from a distance as she stood atop the Harkness Tower on campus, waiting for her next victim. Nova confronted Tailhook and told her that her actions were wrong and it was not the right way to honor her sister. Tailhook told Nova she was not going to jail and would rather die than go through some media circus. Nova told Tailhook that he would be able to catch her if she jumped off the ledge until he heard Laura from an adjacent building. Laura asked Nova if he could catch both of them at the same time and jumped off the building. Nova caught Laura before she hit the ground and brought her back up to the tower. The two of them saw Tailhook on the ground where she apparently committed suicide. 
It is unclear if Tailhook actually died from her fall because she is listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative program in the Civil War files.  

Abilities & Paraphernalia

Tailhook has no superhuman abilities but she is in great physical condition due to her athletic background in gymnastics and swimming. Tailhook is armed with a crossbow and a whip with razor sharp barbs around the tip.

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