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Taihei appears to be fairly slim man, although lacks to have a muscled body. He appears to have ragged, smooth hair with a strand of hair pointed upwards. He has a light skin tone, with brown eyes.

He is often portrayed wearing his work uniform on a constant basis, but at times wears different sets of clothes.


Taihei is a generous person, who has shown passion for cooking and known to be a pushover to people who slack off. At times, he appears to be a butler, as his sister forces him into cleaning, cooking, and buying whatever she likes. Taihei has also shown to care deeply for his sister, and worries how she will turn out to be as he spoils her.

In certain scenerios, Taihei has appeared to be privately anger towards Umaru, he calms himself down and tries different gestures of kindness in winning her happiness back.

He appears to have a defect, due to showing himself having trouble in remembering his past. Umaru seems to be his only connection.


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