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    An elderly Cambodian mystic and part time housekeeper, Tai has inhabited many roles throughout her tenure in the Marvel Universe. She was indirectly responsible for the formation of the New Warriors. Her daughter Miyami had two children with Andrew Chord, and they became the superhumans Silhouette and Midnight's Fire.

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    Tai was born into the Dragon's Breadth cult, a group that derived mystical power from a well known as the Well of All Things, a nexus into multiple dimensions. Over centuries they absorbed energy from it and used interbreeding to further empower each successive generation, with the ultimate goal of a generation powerful enough to conquer the world. Tai's generation was able to directly tap the energies of the well and were lead to believe that they were the chosen generation to rule the world. Ruthless and ambitious, Tai did not want to share the power and murdered everyone in the cult save for six maidens and a group of temple guards.

    A group of American soldiers in Cambodia came across the temple and were captured by Tai, who told them the story of her people and insisted that they had to marry and produce children with the six maidens. All agreed to do so, save for the already married Daryl Taylor. Tai's daughter, Miyami, was paired off with Andrew Chord and soon gave birth to two children, Silhouette and Midnight's Fire. Miyami, aware of Tai's intentions, did not want her children to be pawns of her mother and faked the deaths of herself and her children, leaving her children to be raised in Manhattan's Chinatown. Chord, believing his family to be dead, travelled the world as a mercenary, eventually meeting up again with his mother-in-law. Tai returned with him to America and encouraged him to resume his relationship with former friend Daryl Taylor. This proved successful, as Chord was made godfather to Daryl's son, Dwayne. Tai then pushed Chord to murder Daryl and his wife, Melody. Chord complied and then became guardian of a young Dwayne Taylor.

    Tai, alongside Chord, raised Dwayne and trained him to be a crime fighter. They also controlled Daryl's charitable organization the Taylor Foundation to finance questionable ventures across the world. Dwayne eventually began operating as a vigilante, eventually becoming Night Thrasher and forming the New Warriors. Tai remained close to this, acting as a parent and mentor to Dwayne as well as his housekeeper. It was Tai's intention to sacrifice the New Warriors to the well instead of the children who were born from the brides she had mated with the soldiers. One of the soldiers, Diego Casseas, studied magic and stole the power of the well from his comatose daughter. Now calling himself The Left Hand, he gathered the children of the other soldiers (including Midnight's Fire) and called the group The Folding Circle.

    Tai and Chord's illegal business dealings were eventually exposed and Chord attempted suicide. Miyami came out of hiding to visit him, but this proved disastrous when Tai discovered her daughter's ruse. Tai murdered her daughter in a fit of anger.

    Tai subsequently returned to Cambodia and was followed by the Folding Circle and the New Warriors. In the battle that ensued Tai is shot by Night Thrasher. She then fell into the well, never to be seen again.


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