Tae Kojima

    Character » Tae Kojima appears in 11 issues.

    Tae is an aspiring manga artist in love with Kei Kurono the main protagonist of Gantz.

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    Tae is the regular unassuming girl that doesnt like to draw attention to herself. She is the most normal character in all of Gantz. Tae keeps to herself rarely uttering a word to anyone besides Kei Kurono,her boyfriend. The only times she really shows any emotion is when things happen between her and Kurono. She wasnt fazed at all when some invisible force knocked her down. She just got back up and kept taking pictures. Tae is also very loyal as Shion tried to get her to cheat on Kei but failed. She has a strong bond with Kei. There was a point when Tae memories of Kei were erased due to events in Gantz. She knows even with her memory gone that Kei was apart of her life. This may have been due to the fact that Tae had a crush on Kei before they started dating by chance.

    Chibi Alien Mission

    The Chibi Alien arc is where Tae is first introduced in the manga. She is subject of ridicule by associates of Kei and idle girls. Tae was picked to be asked by Kei due to a game he was playing with Shion and others. Tae wants to be with friends with Kei because she had no idea how to be a girlfriend yet. When the last Chibi alien comes to find Kei at school. Tae is left to die while Shion attempts to fight. After Kei feels guilty enough he returns to deal with the alien himself. He is relieved that Tae is alive and decides to make sure that she survives. Tae is dragged around by Kei as the Chibi alien targets her because the teen cares about her. Kei manages to kill the Chibi Alien after a SWAT team severely injures it. After this Tae and Kei become an official couple and find they have alot in common. Tae begins staying the night at Kei's place.


    Tae's first major crisis happens in arrival of Kaze, a powerful fighter seeking the strongest of humans. Tae learns everyone believe Kei is the strongest at their school. She refuses to leave Kei alone with thugs escort him to go meet Kaze. Tae keeps imploring Kei to just walk away but he doesnt listen. She is amazed when Kei is able to defeat Kaze. Tae is unaware that Kei is apart of Gantz and using his suit in everyday life.


    Tae's next issue comes from Shion. He wants to use Tae to show Kei that no girl is loyal. Shion was better than Kei in everyway and planned to ask Tae out while Kei ease dropped. Tae ends up questioning Shion's trustability since he and Kei were suppose to be friends but he was asking her out. This seals the deal with Kei and he devotes himself to care for Tae and nobody else. Kei's worst fear is Tae disappearing out of his life.

    Shinjuku Massacre

    Tae gets invited by Shion's girlfriend Ryouko to go to a movie in Shinjuku. She lets Kei know and he grows frantic. They are disconnected as Tae's phone dies. She is unaware that Shion has set out on a mission to kill as many people as possible in Shinjuku to return to Gantz. Tae is soon caught among the masses as Shion's killings begin. Tae ends up saving a baby left behind by its parents. After Tae is nearly shot she kneels to the ground and prepares to accept death. Kaze ends up shielding her from bullets using a corpse. She capitalizes on Kaze's intervention to flee into a crowd of people. Tae just misses Kei because Shion grabs her attention. She is unaware he was the shooter due to Shion posing as a black man. Shion takes her to a government tower to meet with Ryouko and others for safety.There is nobody at the tower and Shion renders the girl unconscious. Shion uses Tae as incentive for Kei to duel him and prove who was worthy to return to Gantz. Tae awakens alone unaware both Shion and Kei killed each other and returned to the Gantz Room.

    Daytime Lantern

    Tae and Kei return in the streets of Shinjuku that is cleared of dead by Gantz. They resume their relationship with Tae hiding her concerns about the Shinjuku incident. Kei eventually builds the courage to let Tae know about Shion. She ends up questioning about the Gantz Suit was at the government tower. Tae obviously recalls him wearing it when facing the last Chibi Alien at school.Shion interrupts them to steal Kei away. The topic is dropped and everyone goes on a double date. Tae is once again caught in the crossfire of matters involving the hunters. Vampires have found Shion even though he doesnt remember them. Kei implurs Tae to keep her eyes shut. Ryouko faints after a Vampire threatens her with a sword. Shion deals with the vampires as Kei leads Tae and Ryouko away. Later Tae decides to stay away from  Shion. She spends more time just with Kei. Tae jokingly asks Kei if he would break up with her for an idol one day. It ends up foreshadowing Kei going on a dinnerdate with Reika that ends up published in a magazine. Kei tries to keep Tae from listening to rumors about him and Reika. It doesnt help when Tae finally gets the courage to read an article on Reika and her mysterious new boyfriend that ends up being Kei. Tae is heartbroken and breaks up with Kei

    Ring Alien Mission

    Tae decides to try and move on with her life. She makes plans to go to Roppongi and take pictures for her manga. She arrives at Roppongi unaware the hunters are after the Ring Aliens now. Kei notices Tae in trouble. He knocks the girl to the ground. Tae cant see Kei but think it is him on top of her. The hunters finish their mission as Tae keeps taking pictures despite being knocked down by nothing. She goes home to develop all the good pictures taken. Tae is surprised to find images of people in black suits like Kei's in her footage.

    Tae Mission

    The next target after the Ring Alien is Tae herself. Kei arrives at her home before the other hunters. Tae is told everything by Kei since now she was apart of Gantz. He makes it a point to ensure Tae isnt killed by Shion and a group of rapists siding with him. Tae is used as bait by Kei to kill one of the hunters with Shion. Tae and Kei are soon surrounded until Reika arrives to help. She learns Kei only knew Reika through these hunts they are forced to go on. Tae doesnt want Kei going out the way to protect her as his ex-girlfriend. Reika takes Tae away from the fight. They reach a cab and begin to talk. Tae lets Reika know about her pictures and catching the hunters on her camera somehow. Reika plans to end the mission by destroying Tae's pictures. Tae decides to go back for Kei in concern for him. She finds Kei was in trouble as she feared. Tae goes to aid Kei but is struck down by Shion from behind. Tae manages to reach Kei and dies in his arms.


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