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Original Name: Shin Kibayashi & Yuko Kibayashi.

List of Pen Names:

  • Seimaru Amagi (天樹征丸 Amagi Seimaru) - The Kindaichi Case Files, Detective School Q, Remote
  • Yuya Aoki (青樹佑夜 Aoki Yūya) - GetBackers, Psycho Busters, Oniwaka to Ushiwaka: Edge of the World
  • Yuma Ando (安童夕馬 Ando Yūma) - Psychometrer Eiji, Kunimitsu no Matsuri, Shibatora
  • Jouji Arimori (有森丈時 Arimori Jōji) - Asobot Military History Goku, Monkey Typhoon
  • Hiroaki Igano (伊賀大晃 Igano Hiroaki) - The Knight in the Area
  • Ryō Ryūmon (龍門諒 Ryūmon Ryō) - Bloody Monday

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