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    Volume » Published by SpiderBaby Grafix. Started in 1988.

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    1-7 published by Spiderbaby Grafix, later the series would be published under Kitchen Sink before remaining incomplete and unfinished.

    Taboo was voted the best ongoing anthology in 1993. It started off as a Horror anthology, with titles like From Hell and the incomplete Neil Gaiman Sweeney Todd. Other genres of stories also came out from Taboo, such as Alan Moore's Lost Girls started as well in the pages of Taboo with its brother From Hell. Steve R. Bissette would be the editor of the anthology, since it was his vision that created the limited ran anthology. Many of the stories in Taboo remain uncollected today. Lost Girls and From Hell being the two popular enough to be completed outside of Taboo.

    Taboo book would also be the first time Alan Moore and Steve R. Bissette would work together since their groundbreaking run on Swamp Thing. Changing their dynamic from writer and artist relationship to writer and editor is believed by some to be the start to their fall-out over the years.

    The anthology featured work by many notable people, such as: Moebius, Chester Brown, Dave Sim, Michael Zulli and Charles Vess.


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