Character » Taboo appears in 27 issues.

    A Marvel monster whom threatened humanity on two different ocassion. Years later, he appeared before the Hulk and did battle with him.

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    For many years, people whom lived by the murky swamp had told tales about an ancient evil called Taboo whom lived there. A hunter however did not believe the rumors and went to the swamps to hunt. There he found a strange murky thing swallowing a whole crocodile! The mud then came to life and became Taboo! The hunter was now being hunted by Taboo himself, whom vowed to destroy humanity. He had come here from space looking for a way to leave the planet once again. Luckily, Taboo was eventually defeated by the humans and they hoped it was the last they would see of him...but would it!

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Taboo Returns!

    After his first defeat, Taboo once more returned to earth and fought humanity in the city this time.

    Fighting the Hulk

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    Xemnu the Titan learned that Earth was visited by several alien beings that possessed various powers and abilities but the United States Government wanted to keep the existence of extra-terrestrial visitors top secret. Xemnu was able to make duplicates of some of these powerful creatures that included Taboo, Blip, Groot, Diablo and Goom where they were contained in gamma teleporters. Xemnu would unleash these deadly beings on one of his oldest foes, the Hulk. Taboo would emerge from a riverbed and attack the hulk with his monstrous, muddy form. Taboo covered the Hulk in mud and it solidified like a statue but the gamma giant broke free. The Hulk kept on fighting until he cracked the ground beneath the riverbed and created a whirlpool. Taboo's body was his undoing because he could not anchor itself as it was sucked into the whirlpool and vanished beneath the earth.

    Versus Nova

    Against Nova
    Against Nova
    Taboo would resurface in New York City and come into conflict with Nova and members of the Nova Corps. Taboo is contained by gravimetric fields and the Nova Corps use gravimetric loads to force the thing from the murky swamp back to its burrowed lair.  

    Powers & Abilities

    Taboo is a powerful creature made out of mud and earth. Taboo possesses superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Taboo is impervious to a lot of physical attacks because they pass harmlessly through his body. Taboo can draw upon the earth to increase its size and will cover his opponents with mud that solidifies in seconds to encase them. 

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