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    Tabitha Brennan was the seventeen year old daughter of a mob boss from Metropolis.

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    Current Events

    Tabitha Brennan has not been seen since Birds of Prey #117, in which she explains that she is still alive within an unknown magical realm. The issue ends with the words 'Never the End'.


    Tabitha Brennan was the daughter of mob boss 'Shark' Brennan from Southern California, United States. She lived a live of privilege and entitlement, which prompted Oracle to call her a 'mafia princess'. By the time she crosses paths with the Birds of Prey she is seventeen years old.


    Tabitha Brennan was created in 2007 by writer Gail Simone and artists Nicola Scott and Doug Hazlewood. She made her first appearance in Birds of Prey #100 and has (as of 2015) not appeared in any other series.

    Major Story Arcs


    Tabitha Brennan was first seen in a Mexican prison fifty miles south of San Diego, where she had been imprisoned for carrying drugs - likely as the result of a set-up. Her father, the mob boss 'Shark' Brennan had contacted Oracle to help his daughter escape. In return he would become a witness for the state prosecution against his own mob. Kate Spencer is the first of Oracle's operatives to meet Tabitha, but other heroes are nearby. Together they help Tabitha escape the prison. To discourage the warden from following them Huntress pretends to shoot Tabitha through the head - a ruse that is as great a surprise to Tabitha as it is to the warden. As she is reunited with her father, Tabitha is shocked to hear of the bargain he has struck with Oracle.


    Helena Bertinelli and Tabitha.
    Helena Bertinelli and Tabitha.

    The Birds head back to the United States, where it turns out Katarina Armstrong has annulled the deal Mr. Brennan had struck with the state. He is killed in the ensuing fight, and the compromised D.E.O. agents take Tabitha into custody.

    When the Birds find Tabitha in Birds of Prey #103, she is holding a gun and standing over the bodies of two dead D.E.O. agents. Though the others are glad to find Tabitha unhurt, Huntress notices that her version of events don't add up. When Helena asks Tabitha if she killed her father, she grins broadly, but denies she had a part in his death. However, she admits she looks forward to running his mob.

    Disaster in Metropolis

    Tabitha made a spectacular return in Birds of Prey #113. It is revealed that her attempt to run her fathers mob was met 'with little more than patronizing amusement'. Tabitha wasn't about to be ignored, however, and acquired a truck that Oracle initially thought was full of weapons. Huntress discovered that the truck was actually filled with an unknown material called the 'decay'. Oracle surmised it could be used for a suicide bombing, but when Tabitha reached the building in which her rival mobsters were gathered the truck transformed itself into a giant robot, obliterating the building in question.

    Acting on her own, Misfit teleported into the cabin and beat Tabitha into unconsciousness. Misfit then touched the vehicles self-destruct button, much to the horror of Huntress and Oracle. As the 'decay' turned into a giant sphere Misfit teleported again, leaving Tabitha to her fate. The mysterious 'decay' eventually collapsed in on itself, leaving a giant crater and wiping out several blocks of Metropolis.

    In Birds of Prey #117 it was revealed that the 'decay' was magical in nature, and possibly linked to a business contact named Arthur - a teenage boy. Tabitha turned out to still be alive, and she appeared to Arthur through a swirling portal of sorts. She has not been seen since.


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