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    T-X is a prototype terminator sent back in time to kill John Connor. T-X is a hybrid of the T-101 model and the T-1000 model.

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    Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines

    Sent back in time to kill John Connors after the T-1000 failed, T-X is a very lethal prototype. It is a hybrid between the T-101 model and T-1000 model because it has an endoskeleton similar to the T-101 model but it has liquid metal alloy surrounding it so it can take different shapes and recover from wounds.

    T-X can also mimic retina scanners with its advanced technology allowing it to pass into most security systems with ease. This makes T-X extremely hard to kill. It is only destroyed when the Terminator puts a hydrogen fuel cell in T-X's mouth and explodes with extreme force causing a mushroom cloud.


    T-X was sent back as another try to kill John Connor before he started the resistance. T-X was programmed to kill John's future wife, Kate Brewster in addition to John. Also, T-X was programmed to kill many of John Connors future officers of the resistance.


    T-X has numerous weapons built into it and they include:

    • M41 pulse rifle
    • Twin Barrier Gun
    • 783 Chain Repeater
    • Admor BioBlaster
    • Modified BioRail 32SR-9
    • CG45 Needler
    • Consiglio EBlaster
    • EMP Generator
    • Crescent Corridor Blaster
    • 223 Automatic Stopper
    • Finite Rapid Cluster Gun
    • IAD-ChemTech
    • Modified HK-54334
    • HDE Predator
    • KLD-Magnum Repeater
    • Laser X-ray Burst Gun
    • Nano-Disrupter
    • P31 Caustic Shells
    • Rumsfeld P31 Caustic
    • Subauro Neutralizer
    • Tracking EBlaster
    • .45 Cascader
    • XFLRG 44mm
    • Flamethrower
    • Buzzsaw

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