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Brief History

At first T-Ray was merely annoyed with Deadpool, and his antics at the Hellhouse. They argued a bit, but it was a while before it would come to blows. When they did fight however, T-Ray used his magic on Deadpool, who was knocked into a coma and covered with snow for several days.

Deadpool recovered, and on their next meeting T-Ray told him the story of his past, and that T-Ray was the real Wade Wilson. He told of a wounded mercenary named Jack who was nursed to health by Wade and his wife Mercedes. However, once Jack was well, he turned on T-Ray trying to kill him and steal his identity, and accidentally killed Mercedes too.
Deadpool believes the story and nearly loses his mind, but then he starts laughing: it doesn't matter who he is or what he's done in the past, because he's now trying to be a better person. In return T-Ray has become consumed with hatred and has become even worse than Deadpool ever was: he resurrected his dead wife, using her as just a tool to punish the man who killed her. Mercedes hears the story and powers up Deadpool with her magic, allowing Deadpool to defeat T-Ray. Deadpool apologizes to Mercedes, and asks if there are any hard feelings. Mercedes says there are, and kicks him in the junk. T-Ray gets up, and with Mercedes by his side, goes off to parts unknown saying that Deadpool can keep the name Wade now; he's done with it and doesn't want anything to do with Deadpool anymore.

Months later, T-Ray, now an agent of Thanos resurrects Deadpool, who has been killed in a fight with Weapon X, using an artifact Thanos gave him to create many copies of Deadpool. Thanos is jealous of Deadpool's relationship with Death and T-Ray is to "curse him with immortality" so that he may never see Death again. In the end, Deadpool destroys the artifact and all the copies of Deadpool are drawn into T-Ray, destroying his mind. Deadpool claims that this means he was the real Wade Wilson all along. The mindless T-Ray is taken by one of Deadpool's new, homeless friends.

T-Ray would eventually return to normal and prepare to face Deadpool again. He kidnapped Deadpool's friends, Sandi and Outlaw, to bait him. When Deadpool showed up, T-Ray snuck up on Deadpool and knocked him unconscious (and unhinged his jaw) with a steel bat and tied him up.
After Deadpool woke up, T-Ray went on a rant and periodically shattered Deadpool's jaw so he couldn't speak. Deadpool however freed himself and the two fought, with Deadpool being the victor.

Powers and Abilities


Can manipulate mystic energy through hieroglyphic scraps of paper for the following:

  • Superhuman strength
  • Teleportation
  • Levitation
  • Physical transformation
  • Energy bursts
  • Weather manipulation
  • Resurrection


Superb athlete, swordsman, marksman and hand-to-hand combatant.



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