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The Department of the Treasury is an executive department, It was established by an Act of Congress in 1789 to manage government revenue. The Department is administered by the Secretary of the Treasury, who is a member of the Cabinet.

The basic functions of the Department of the Treasury include:

1. Managing federal finances;

2. Collecting taxes, duties and money paid to and due to the U.S. and paying all bills of the U.S.;

3. Producing all postage stamps, currency, and coinage of the U.S.;

4. Managing government accounts and the United States public debt;

5. Supervising national banks and thrift institutions;

6. Advising on domestic and international financial, monetary, and economic, trade and tax policy – fiscal policy being the sum of these, and the ultimate responsibility of Congress.

7. Enforcing Federal finance and tax laws;

8. Investigating and prosecuting tax evaders;

9. Publishing statistical reports.

And unknown to the public at large a 10th function of the Treasury department is to serve as the home base to Agent At Large Pete Trask, also known as Treasury Agent Trask and T-Man Trask, who though the use of brains, brawn, stealth and firepower protects American interests around the world.


When Quality started to move away from superheroes T-Man Trask, draw by Blackhawk artist Reed Crandell was one of the first characters they came up with.

Called a Treasury Agent in the stories, he resembled a real Treasury agent about as well as a B-52 resembles a bumble bee.

In other words he was a freelance secret agent with a pencil thin mustache who wore a tux to work and made his point with a .45 automatic.

The Treasury Agent hook just there to give him a title.

Almost all of the stories were set either in Europe or Asia with lots of fist and gun fights, with never an adding machine or account ledger in sight.


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