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    This winged woman wearing a suit of green armor was a member of the Champions of Angor. She is a possible doppelganger to the Wasp from Marvel Comics.

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    T.A. is a fictional character created by Mike McKone and published by DC Comics in June of 1990 is a winged clad young woman in green armor. She appears only in a few panels in Justice League Justice League Quarterly #3 - When You Wish... The woman who has only been named as T.A. on panel, the true meaning for the abbreviated name has never been revealed. She is possibly a pastiche of the Wasp from Marvel Comics.


    Once Angor was home to many heroes. They also had their fair share of villains although they were never strong enough to cause any major harm. That would change when the extremists obtained nuclear armaments of the world and used them to obliterate all civilization on Angor.

    However a handful of survivors made it to Earth to survive their worlds end. One such person was the once owner of the worlds biggest amusement park Mitch Wacky. Mitch decides to return to his dimensional home of Angor and alter its sad ending.

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    Mitch who during this whole time has been miniaturized as soon as he appears with Kilowog on Angor. Making it to one of Mitch's robotic labs they enter a replica of Mitch. Now controlling a sophisticated robot form the inside both travel to the home-base of the Justifiers (also known as the Champions of Angor) and encounters them in their den. This is were T.A. appears having a conversation with members Bow man and Wandjina. Mitch attempts to warn them however they do not understand Mitch's behavior as anything else but him being well, wacky. T.A. along with the members of the Justifiers attack the Mitch robot assuming it's a trick from an arch villain. Unfortunately they destroy the robot and Mitch is unable to warn them of the Extremists inevitable attack.

    T.A. was only seen in a few panels and never appeared again. since the timeline has been changed during several D.C Comic's events her current or possible future appearances are unknown.


    Hair: Unknown

    Eyes: Green

    Height: Unknown

    Weight: Unknown

    Place of origin: Angor


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    T.A. is an attractive young woman with green eyes. She wears a skin tight plunging neck line green metallic bathing suit. She wears long sleeve and thigh high boots of matching green metallic tone. Her hair color has not appeared as she also wears a tight fitting green metallic skullcap. And last but not least T.A. has a pair of light green large wings mounted on her back.

    Powers and Abilities

    T.A. has only appeared capable of flying. It's assumed that the metallic wings she wears also are the the reason she id also to fly.


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